A Few IL Guys Worth Discussing

I haven't been as involved in the commenting on this site as I've adjusted to college life, but I also haven't seen as many great discussions cropping up lately, either. Maybe it's because the year is winding down, maybe it's because so many top-50/100 FanPosts were put up in a one-week span that we covered a whole lot of players. 

But there are still some guys in the minors that are pretty polarizing, and I thought I'd toss out a FanPost to hopefully generate some discussion on a few of them. I decided to just focus on the Triple-A International League for this one, and maybe I'll follow up with some guys from other leagues, too. So...  yeah!

3B Juan Francisco, CIN - .283/.323/.563 with 23 doubles, 4 triples and 18 homers for Triple-A Louisville

We haven't heard much about Francisco this year because the Reds have been so set on the infield corners with Joey Votto and Scott Rolen, but he's once again putting up big-time power numbers that are worth noting.

Patience and contact are still issues for Francisco, as his 16/80 BB/K is still quite sub-par from someone who depends on his offensive production to provide value. But he's on pace for his fourth straight 20+ homer season, and his overall 2010 performance is easily the strongest of his career. He's only 23 and he's got a .301/.337/.571 line in 98 Triple-A games. I know that there are a lot of holes in his game, but those are numbers worth talking about.

C Tyler Flowers, CHW - .220/.334/.438 with 21 doubles, 2 triples and 16 homers for Triple-A Charlotte

People were pretty excited about this guy coming into the season, but he's really disappointed with his 2010 performance. The reports on his defense still aren't good, and he's just been getting absolutely killed by strikeouts. The power and patience are still there, but he's striking out in 30% of his PA's and it's not clear that he has the secondary skills to make up for such a weak ability to make contact.

I'm still holding out hope that he can turn into a solid, offensive-minded everyday catcher given his plate discipline and power potential, but I'm worried that his glove will end up being unplayable at catcher and his bat will have too many holes to play anywhere else. 

1B Jeff Clement, PIT - .305/.355/.555 with 15 doubles and 8 homers in 40 games for Triple-A Indianapolis

I know he's no longer a prospect, but are we just committing to putting this guy in Quadruple-A territory? He just keeps hitting in Triple-A, but he's absolutely failed in every shot he's gotten at the big league level.

The power is obviously legitimate, but it seems like his approach has regressed some in the past couple years - his BB/K numbers are flat-out ugly compared to the marks he put up in Triple-A in 2007/2008. Still, he just keeps hitting, and I was just wondering if everyone has essentially written him off.

CF Jordan Danks, CHW - .245/.316/.379 with 24 doubles, 3 triples, 8 homers and 15 steals for Triple-A Charlotte

Is everyone pretty much ready to throw out those impressive 30 games in Advanced Single-A from last year? He's obviously got some tools, but at the same time he's already 24 and he's striking out nearly 30% of the time in Triple-A. People obviously aren't as high on him as they were a year ago, but do people still see a potential regular in this guy like they did before?

Other guys to touch on: SS Zack Cozart, CIN, OF Josh Reddick, BOS, 1B Lars Anderson, BOS, OF Wilkin Ramirez, ATL, 2B Cord Phelps, CLE, 1B Brandon Snyder, BAL, 2B Chris Valaika, CIN, SS Eduardo Nunez, NYY, 3B Jared Goedert, CLE

I'm sure there are other guys I missed, too.

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