A look back at my top 50 pitching prospects from October of 2008

As some of you may remember I did a whole positional series of the best prospects in baseball back in October of 2008. I thought it would be fun to take a look at where they are today and how close I was in my rankings. Unfortunately, I hate to admit, I wasn't very close but here's a look anyway with a link to the original thread. I plan on doing another series sometime in October.


FROM 2008

Please find an updated and expanded list below of my top 50 starting pitching prospects. I have listed the highest minor league level achieved and the stats I compiled are cumulative. Also note, the age listed reflects how old the player was as of the last day of the season.

My rankings are based on several criteria. (no particular order)
1. Statistical Analysis
2. Ceiling/Upside
3. Gut feeling/Instincts
4. Health 
5. Personal Bias/Cool Name etc.. 

This list took me almost 2 weeks to complete and I'm extremely interested to see what the community thinks.

statistical legend = INN / HA / BBI / K / ERA / WHIP / GOAO / BAA


Titanium : #'s 1 - 10

1. David Price (L) - AAA(TB) 23 - 109.2 / 92 / 32 / 109 / 2.30 / 1.14 / 1.45 / .228

Tore up the minor leagues and has shown why he's been so highly touted since joining the bigs in an albeit brief pressure packed stint with the Rays. David works off a mid 90's fastball, a devastating slider and a changeup that, right now, is about average at best. However, if there were such a thing as a can't miss prospect it would be him. 

2010 version -  Looks like I got this one right or pretty close to it. Currently pitching for the Rays in the toughest division in baseball. He looks like the pitcher we all thought he would be.

2. Trevor Cahill (R) - AA(OAK) 20 - 124.1 / 76 / 50 / 136 / 2.61 / 1.02 / 2.43 / .179

Trevor had a phenomenal season while making the jump from A+ to AA as well as the Olympics without skipping a beat. Trevor's arsenal includes a mid 90's fastball, curveball, slider, all of which are plus, and a developing change. Oakland has a very nice stable of pitching prospects highlighted by this young man. I would have to say the future looks very bright in Northern California!


2010 version -  Certainly not #2 overall but something has clicked for him this year. Cahill has increased his K rate dramatically since last season and is seemingly on his way to becoming a very good #2/#3 starter.


3. Neftali Feliz (R) - AA(TEX) 20 - 127.1 / 89 / 51 / 153 / 2.69 / 1.10 / 1.19 / .201

To say that Neftali rocketed up the prospect rankings would be an understatement as his high 90's moving fastball just explodes on hitters. He also uses a hard curveball that is considered plus albeit inconsistent at times along with a changeup that he must continue to develop. With improved secondary offerings & command he could easily become a dominant starter which is something that Texas hasn't had in a long, long time.


2010 version - Is he a starter or a dominant reliever/closer? I think he remains in the pen but time will tell.


4. Madison Bumgarner (L) - A(SF) 19 - 141.2 / 111 / 21 / 164 / 1.46 / 0.94 / 0.86 / .216

Madbum's arsenal includes a mid 90's fastball, curveball & changeup both of which are improving steadily. Bumgarner also gets high praise for having exceptional demeanor and mound presence. What amazes me is the command he has for a lefty at such a young age. If his secondary offerings continue to improve which many scouts feel will happen Madbum could easily be the best pitching prospect in baseball next year.


2010 version - The most controversial pitching prospect I can remember. It looks like he's settling in to 89-92mph on his fastball with developing secondary offerings. I'm going to say he's a #3 type starter which is not bad at all but I don't think we'll see ace like numbers from him.  


5. Rick Porcello (R) - A+(DET) 19 - 125 / 116 / 33 / 72 / 2.66 / 1.19 / 2.48 / .244

The source of many heated debates on this site. Many question his strikeout totals and point to that as a warning sign. An indicator, if you will, that he really hasn't shown all that much to be given this type of ranking. I, on the other hand, think his season was nothing short of stellar. The fact that he was able to get hitters out without using his complete arsenal was very impressive. One has to love his groundball rates as well. I am firmly in the camp that believes the best is yet to come. Watch out! 


2010 version - I have to admit I'm really down on him. Had a very good rookie season but has regressed drastically since then. Currently, he's struggling in the minors. Who knows what he'll be at this point. I, for one, have no idea.


6. Derek Holland (L) - AA(TEX) 21 - 150.2 / 111 / 40 / 157 / 2.27 / 1.01 / 1.20 / .209

Well, Dewey Finn should be "reasonably" happy with this ranking. Derek was another Texas pitcher who burst on the scene in 08'. A hard throwing lefty who's fastball has been clocked in the mid 90's with advanced secondary offerings that got better & better as the year went on has to make the Rangers brass extremely excited about the future of this team. Feliz & Holland could be anchoring this rotation for years to come.


2010 version - The jury is still out on Holland. It's tough to say due to his shoulder injury how he would've performed this year. I still think he could become a very good pitcher in the Texas rotation. Hopefully, he gets healthy and get back on the developmental track.


7. Brett Anderson (L) - AA(OAK) 20 - 105 / 95 / 27 / 118 / 3.69 / 1.16 / 1.92 / .237

A quote from my distinguished colleague PaulThomas says it best. "If you didn’t know, he has apparently put himself in much, much better physical condition than when he was drafted (dropping 15 pounds of pudge or so), with the result that his fastball now has plus velocity for a lefty. (Also faster than Cahill, who’s 89-91 most of the time.) Couple that with what are, by all reports, two great offspeed pitches and plus command, and groundball tendencies on top of that (not ridiculous like Cahill’s, but pretty strong). He’s smart and the son of a coach, so he knows how to pitch."


2010 version - Love me some Brett Anderson. All he needs to do is get back to healthy which seems to be a problem for him and I think he'll take off. IMO, he is one of the few with ace potential on this list. Health is the key!


8. Chris Tillman (R) - AA(BAL) 20 - 135.2 / 115 / 65 / 154 / 3.18 / 1.33 / 0.82 / .227

Chris had a terrific season in AA showing the potential to become a #1 type starter. Chris features a low to mid 90's fastball, an above average curveball along with a developing albeit promising change piece. As is the case with other pitchers on this list he really needs to bare down on his walk rate. At 20 years old he certainly has time on his side and could with continued improvement push for a rotation spot sometime in 09'. Does anyone think the Mariners are regretting this deal right about now? 


2010 version - Chris has no problem beating up on AAA competition but has struggled with command at the major league level albeit a SSS. A positive sign though is he has improved his walk rate considerably since 2008 at the minor league level so it's really to early to say with Tillman. I still think he could develop into a very good pitcher.


9. Thomas Hanson (R) - AA(ATL) 22 - 138 / 85 / 52 / 163 / 2.41 / 0.99 / 0.71 / .175

I don't think this pitcher gets as much recognition as he should as he features a four pitch arsenal that includes a lively low 90's fastball, plus curveball, plus slider and plus changeup. Tommy has since taken his act to the AFL where he remains unhittable. Maybe the Braves should take him out of the discussions for Jake Peavy?


2010 version - Let's just say this, Hanson ROCKS!


10. Brian Matusz (L) - AFL(BAL) 21 - 7 / 3 / 2 / 9 / 1.29 / 0.71 / 1.40 / .125

I have to admit that I'm purely going off what I've read about this guy with respect to this ranking. If his early AFL performance is any indicator he looks to be another fancy addition to Baltimore's young arsenal of hurlers. One can certainly envision a Tillman / Matusz one, two punch.


2010 version - Matusz started the year slow but has recently picked it up. He needs to get the fly ball tendencies under control or I fear he'll never become a #1/#2 starter that he projected to be. That said, I still love him as a young pitcher and I wouldn't bet against him developing into a #2 starter down the road.


Platinum : #'s 11 - 20

11. Jhoulys Chacin (R) - A+(COL) 20 - 177.2 / 143 / 42 / 160 / 2.03 / 1.04 / 2.83 / .221

Jhoulys is yet another example of a pitcher who burst on the scene in 08' . Chacin showcases a low to mid 90's four seamer, a high 80's/low 90's 2 seamer with good sink, a plus changeup (which is his best pitch), and also a much improved curveball. One also has to marvel at the groundball rate which should help him immensely in Coors but also the exceptional command he demonstrated. What's not to like? He could have easily been included in the top 10 and am left wondering if in fact he should've.


2010 version - Fucking pricks in Colorado taking this kid out of the rotation pisses me off!!!! That said, command is his key to success. His offspeed stuff is terrific and with his low 90's fastball I really, really love this kid. If his command is on, watch out!


12. Tim Alderson (R) - A+(SF) 19 - 145.1 / 125 / 34 / 124 / 2.79 / 1.10 / 1.02 / .235

Another terrific pitching prospect hoping to leave his mark in the bay area. Tim's claim to fame is his exceptional command but that's not to stay he doesn't have above average stuff. Tim features a high 80's/low 90's sinking fastball, plus curveball and an improving changeup and with advanced command it allows all of his pitches to play up a tick. Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez, Bumgarner & Alderson. Oh my! 


2010 version - Ouch! Tim has shown a big improvement over last year but this ranking was, shall i say, FUCKED UP!


13. Jarrod Parker (R) - A(ARI) 19 - 117.2 / 113 / 33 / 117 / 3.44 / 1.25 / 1.01 / .251

Scouts were abuzz with Parker's arsenal and above avg. command. He sports a mid 90's fastball, plus slider & curve along with a developing change. To quote BA "Like no other guy his size, he throws downhill and he does it easy," a National League scout said. "When you're 6 foot tall and you throw downhill with that velocity, that's special." Parker and his extremely high ceiling could easily be in the top 10 this time next year. In fact, I'd almost count on it.


2010 version - Currently recovering from TJ surgery and is on track to at least be back by spring training next year. I'm still a huge Parker fan and can't wait to see his return. Hopefully, he doesn't pull a Jesse Foppert on me.


14. Phillippe Aumont (R) - A(SEA) 19 - 55.2 / 46 / 19 / 50 / 2.75 / 1.18 / 1.73 / .224

At 6'7" and already throwing in the mid 90's projection remains to further advance that to the high 90's. He's also shown decent command in an albeit injury plagued season along with a plus curveball and developing changeup. As Jim Callis notes "Shutting him down was more a precaution than a red flag. Aumont's potential ranks with just about any pitcher's in the minors—he has that much upside."


2010 version - Poor perfomance as a starter has seen him thrust back in the pen where I think he'll thrive. What the hell happened to this guy? I saw him pitch a few years back and he looked unhittable. Hmmm, another bad ranking!


15. James McDonald (R) - AAA(LAD) 23 - 141 / 115 / 53 / 141 / 3.26 / 1.19 / 0.65 / .223

Color me impressed at what I saw in his brief sting with the Dodgers. His fastball showed a lot of life to me although I've read contraring opinions on it. He also showed a nice curve & change. I think he's underrated and I'm making what I think is my first bold ranking.


2010 version - Color me unimpressed. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe he's even a top 20 Dodgers prospect at this point.    


16. Jordan Zimmermann (R) - AA(WSH) 22 - 134 / 104 / 47 / 134 / 2.89 / 1.13 / 1.36 / .215

I really, really like this pitcher. For some reason I have a very good feeling about him and regret like hell that I passed on him several times during the draft last year. Zimmerman has command of four pitches including a low to mid 90's fastball, slider, curve, change combo. With a strong start to the season he should crack that putrid Washington rotation sometime in 09'.


2010 version - Another TJ victim but there's cause for extremem optimism as he's already back pitching in the minors throwing in the mid to high 90's. A September return seems likely and I can't wait. IMO, he has #2 starter written all over him.  


17. Adam Miller (R) - AAA(CLE) 23 - 28.2 / 26 / 12 / 20 / 1.88 / 1.35 / 1.44 / .239

One of my personal favorites although I'm getting very impatient. All of the attributes are there when considering an ace pitcher but he needs to stay healthy. Thankfully, none of his injuries required surgery so there's still hope he can still become what we all expected.


2010 version - I was just kidding. I never really liked Adam Miller. Moving on .....


18. Wade Davis (R) - AAA(TB) 23 - 160.2 / 143 / 66 / 136 / 3.47 / 1.31 / 0.96 / .243

Davis works off of 2 plus pitches in his low to mid 90's fastball and an overpowering 12 to 6 curveball. He's working on improving his changeup and cutter to help him with lefties. If not for the logjam of starters in Tampa he may have been given a cup of java but as it stands he has plenty of time to iron out any issues.


2010 version - Wade is experiencing the usual bumps in the road that young pitchers do and it's that much harder having to pitch in the AL beast. I like him a lot and can honestly say I underestimated him as I wasn't sure he warranted this high a ranking. Geez, the Rays are loaded with young pitching talent.


19. Michael Bowden (R) - AAA(BOS) 22 - 144.1 / 112 / 29 / 130 / 2.62 / 0.98 / 0.87 / .212

Another pitcher who flies under the radar and I have to admit that I've overlooked him myself until recently. Bowden features a low 90's fastball, curveball and changeup with good deception and what he lacks in overall stuff he more than compensates for with exceptional makeup. I've heard #3 starter ceiling but his numbers would indicate otherwise.


2010 version - Moving on ...


20. Carlos Carrasco (R) - AAA(PHI) 21 - 151.1 / 146 / 58 / 155 / 3.69 / 1.35 / 1.11 / .253

Carlos throws a low to mid 90's fastball, curveball and a plus changeup that's just flat nasty when on. The knock on Carlos has always been his toughness and mound presence although he did make significant strides this year. He will be pitching in the Venezuelan league this winter and should be a candidate for the Philly rotation sometime in 09'.


2010 version - I never liked this kid. I have no idea why I ranked him so high. Honestly, I was surprised as hell to see him at #20. Having said that, I see a bottom of teh rotation starter at best.


Gold : #'S 21 - 30

21. Jake Arrieta (R) - A+(BAL) 22 - 113 / 80 / 51 / 120 / 2.87 / 1.16 / 1.14 / .199

Jake was the Carolina League's pitcher of the year posting some very impressive numbers in the process. He commands an explosive mid 90's fastball but needs to refine his secondary pitches which some scouts say could end up being of the plus variety. Jake is definitely a high ceiling pitcher and could join Tillman & Matusz to round out a young formidable rotation.


2010 version - Jake's minor league performance has been very good. I would say exceptional if only the walk rate were significantly better. He was able to overcome this in the minors but so far in the majors that hasn't been the case. In the starts when his command has been sharp he's performed very well. Unfortunately, the trend has continued as he's walked more batters than he's struck out. If he's going to succeed his command must improve drastically.


22. Jeremy Hellickson (R) - AA(TB) 21 - 152 / 148 / 20 / 162 / 2.96 / 1.11 / 1.12 / .258

Jeremy's "stuff" isn't considered to be upper echelon but he makes up for it in terms of "pitchability" and command. Jeremy sports a low to mid 90's fastball, curveball & change that both grade out as average at best. How this will translate at the big league level is an uncertainty which tempers my overall ranking.


2010 version - Certainly amongst the best pitching prospects in baseball. Hellboy is knocking on the door for a big league spot. One would think he's an injury away from claiming that spot. Upside has always been questioned but his floor seems to be quite high.


23. Jordan Walden (R) - A+(LAA) 21 - 156.1 / 122 / 56 / 141 / 2.76 / 1.14 / 2.11 / .213

Jordan sports a mid 90's heater with a nice curve/slider and a change piece that he's been developing. Like most young pitchers he needs to work on his command and likey has the ceiling of a #2 starter if he can put it all together. One also has to love the 2.11 go/ao ratio. Definitely the best arm in the Angels minor league system imo. 


2010 version - Injuries have derailed his growth. It's tough to get a read on him as he's worked exclusively out of the pen this year which may be his ultimate home. Does anyone have any news on him moving back to the rotation?


24. Brett Cecil (L) - AAA(TOR) 22 - 118.2 / 100 / 41 / 129 / 2.88 / 1.19 / 2.28 / .225

Brett features a solid fastball touching the low 90's and a plus slider which he uses quite effectively. Questions still remain whether he is better suited for the bullpen rather than the rotation which tempers my ranking. One has to like the groundball to flyball ratio and he certainly faired pretty well as a starter. Next year will be very telling as to where he'll ultimately end up. 


2010 version - Doing quite well in Toronto. I'm very impressed with his performance thus far. I'm seeing the makings of a solid #3 starter with the potential to improve on that. One has to take into consideration the division he's pitching in. Again, very impressed.


25. Jeremy Jeffress (R) - AA(MIL) 21 - 94 / 82 / 52 / 115 / 4.31 / 1.43 / 1.41 / .238

After returning from suspension for marijuana use Jeremy still possesses a high 90's albeit straight fastball that sometime hits triple digits. That and his hard curveball, which has the makings of a plus pitch, are a large reason why he maintains such a high ceiling. Right now he's a 2 pitch pitcher so questions will remain as to whether or not he's better utilized out of the bullpen but he is working on a changeup as well as improving his command which right now is shoddy at best.


2010 version - To quote Bob Marley ..    “The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.” 


26. Daniel Cortes (R) - AA(KC) 21 - 116.2 / 103 / 55 / 109 / 3.78 / 1.36 / 0.76 / .241

Daniel acquitted himself quite well in the hitter friendly Texas league while ranking amongst the league leaders in strikeouts. Daniel possesses a low to mid 90's fastball with late life and a true strikout pitch in his plus curveball. He is currently working on a changeup and needs to further refine his command.


2010 version - Moving on ...


27. Aaron Poreda (L) - AA(CHW) 21 - 161 / 148 / 40 / 118 / 3.13 / 1.17 / 1.39 / .244

Poreda features a nasty mid 90's fastball with late movement along with a hard diving slider and an improving change. Although his k rate was a bit puzzling it did improve with his promotion to the Southern League. Some scouts believe that he's better utilized out of the pen and could in fact thrive in that role right now. However, after logging 161 innings and an additional 5 so far in the AZL it seems the Sox, at least for now, have remained committed to his role as a future starter.  


2010 version - Looks like a reliever at best. Way, way off on this ranking.


28. Martin Perez (L) - A(TEX) 17 - 61.2 / 66 / 28 / 53 / 3.65 / 1.54 / 1.57 / .274

Martin, as a 17 yr. old in A ball drew comparisons to none other than Johan Santana. He already throws a low 90's fastball that touches 94 along with what scouts call the best curveball in the system as well as the makings of a third plus pitch in his changeup. In other words, his ceiling is off the charts.


2010 version - One of the best pitching prospects in baseball. An aggressive ranking at the time that turned out for me. 


29. Daniel Duffy (L) - A(KC) 19 - 81.2 / 56 / 25 / 102 / 2.20 / 0.99 / 0.55 / .193

It's hard to tell by these mind blowing numbers that Duffy got hit hard in his first 3 starts of the season but he certainly ended the year in style giving up only 1 run in his final 29.1 innings of work. Duffy works off a low 90's fastball, a potential plus curve and a developing change. Aside from the extreme flyball tendencies I see a pitcher with tremendous upside.


2010 version - Retired from baseball at the beginning of the year only to come to his senses and return. It's tough to say at this point. We'll have a better read on him this time next year but I did like him quite a bit in 08'.


30. Jess Todd (R) - AAA(STL) 22 - 153 / 116 / 42 / 136 / 2.88 / 1.03 / 1.41 / .213

Jess, despite his smallish frame, posseses a 2 seam fastball that he uses to get groundouts and a 4 seamer that reaches the low to mid 90's along with a slider. He keeps the ball down and questions regarding a future bullpen assignment have subsided due to the way he pitched in 08'.


2010 version - Jesse who?


Silver : #'s 31 - 40

31. David Huff (L) - AAA(CLE) 24 - 146.1 / 112 / 29 / 143 / 2.52 / 0.97 / 1.28 / .209

Huff projects to have the ceiling of a #3 starter although his numbers were nothing short of spectacular. After an injury plagued 2007 the lefthander certainly bounced back featuring a low 90's fastball, plus change, curveball & slider. 


2010 version - Another winner. A #5 starter at best.


32. Hector Rondon (R) - A+(CLE) 20 - 145 / 130 / 42 / 145 / 3.60 / 1.19 / 0.85 / .239

Rondon has an electric arm featuring a mid 90's fastball to go along with developing secondary pitches. His numbers would look even better if not for the horrible start he got off to in April. Rondon will be playing winter ball in Venezuela and is definitely one to watch next year.


2010 version - Rondon has not developed into the pitching prospect I thought he would. Unfortunately for him he's been passed over by more than a few Indians prospects.


33. Mat Latos (R) - A(SD) 20 - 56 / 49 / 13 / 69 / 2.57 / 1.11 / 1.41 / .229

Mat pretty much dominated by season's end after missing the majority of the season and is definitely a pitcher I will be watching closely. He shows strong components and should at least reach A+ if he can remain healthy.


2010 version - Other than Cole Hamels he's my favorite pitcher in all of baseball. I absolutely love this kid and if he continues on this path he'll be a strong Cy Young candidate come season's end.


34. Michael Main (R) - A(TEX) 19 - 58.2 / 47 / 18 / 65 / 2.76 / 0.75 / .219

Michael reportedly suffered what I think is best described as a dead arm period during the season which caused his fastball velocity to max out in the low 90's. It apparently also caused his secondary offerings to dip as well but since then he's been back up to the mid 90's and has seen a serious spike in performance across the board. Here's a quote from Jason Parks who is the author of this report He was kind enough to speak with me over at LSB and is extremely high on this guy. " Main’s velo was down a bit this year, sitting in the 88-92 range. At fall instructs, his velo was in the 92-95 range with reports of it reaching 96. After a slight mechanical adjustment, not only did his velo increase, but so did his command. I’ll say this: Main looked like a major league pitcher this fall. His stuff was ridiculously good." 


2010 version - Health has been the main issue with him (no pun intented). He was recently given to San Fran for a bag of donuts (literally). He has the talent. Let's see what San Fran can do to develop him into the frontline starter many had projected him to be.


35. Fautino De Los Santos (R) - A+(OAK)  22 - 23 / 29 / 11 / 26 / 5.87 / 1.74 / 1.56 / .309

Fautino underwent Tommy John surgery after struggling out of the gate. I'm assuming that his poor showing was due to injury and that his outstanding performance last season is the true indicator of what he's capable of. Having said that, my ranking is tempered based on how this surgery will affect him going forward.


2010 version - Almost 100% certain he is bullpen bound. What a shame!


36. Vincent Mazzaro (R) - AAA(OAK) 22 - 171 / 164 / 45 / 131 / 2.74 / 1.22 / 1.39 / .253

Vincent burst on the scene this year earning himself Texas League pitcher of the year honors. Vince's repertoire includes a power sinker that sits in the low 90's along with a 4 seam fastball and slider. Vince also gets accolades for his demeanor and bulldog approach especially with runners on base.


2010 version - Another nice young arm Oakland has developed. They do grow on trees in northwest Caly. He definitely needs to get the walks under control but I've always liked his stuff. Could be a #3 starter if his command improves.


37. Carlos Rosa (R) - AAA(KC) 24 - 95.2 / 81 / 19 / 86 / 2.73 / 1.05 / 1.58 / .231

Carlos certainly made up for lost time jumping from A+ all the way to the majors before being shutdown in June for precautionary reasons. Rosa features a low to mid 90's fastball, slider, curveball and a much improved changeup along with good command of all his pitches. He should be fine come spring training.


2010 version - Uhhhh! next ...


38. Ross Detwiler (L) - A+(WSH) 22 - 124 / 140 / 57 / 114 / 4.86 / 1.59 / 1.61 / .289

Ross went through some early struggles while revamping his delivery but that process started to pay dividends as the season wore on. Despite his overall numbers scouts weren't concerned due to his exceptional stuff. Ross features a mid 90's fastball, a plus curveball and an improving change.


2010 version - Very disappointing thus far. Coming back from injury and is doing ok in AA Harrisburg. Time will tell.


39. Cole Rohrbough (L) - A+(ATL) 21 - 90 / 82 / 39 / 104 / 4.40 / 1.34 / 0.96 / .243

Cole got off to a rough start battling rotator cuff and ankle injuries but settled down rather nicely as the season progressed. Cole throws a low 90's fastball and power curve but still needs to refine his changeup and gain command of the strike zone. He still has plenty of projection and as one scout who was quoted in BA said, "His stuff is electrifying. Everything he throws is above average. When he's sharp, particularly with his breaking ball, he's close to unhittable. He also eats innings and competes very well." 


2010 version - This is getting old. Another bad selection. Is he even a prospect anymore?


40. Matthew Moore (L) - R(TB) 19 - 54.1 / 30 / 19 / 77 / 1.66 / 0.91 / 2.12 / .154

Matthew's arsenal includes a low to mid 90's fastball, curveball and changeup, all considered potential plus pitches. His tremendous makeup, averaging 12.8 k's per 9 innings and almost winning the Appy league ERA title while not allowing a homerun all year make him a very promising pitching prospect.


2010 version - Big time stuff! Big time control problems. That's where we're at. Could be anywhere from a #1 starter to a bullpen arm.


Bronze : #'s 41 - 50

41. Nick Barnese (R) - A(TB) 18 - 66 / 52 / 24 / 84 / 2.45 / 1.15 / 1.32 / .212

Barnese gets high marks for having exceptional command and a bulldog demeanor. Nick features a low 90's fastball with late life along with a curveball and developing change. At 6'2", 170 lbs there remains room for projection which could mean added velocity.


2010 version - Another very good pitching prospect in a loaded system. Currently having a very strong year in A+. Color me impressed!


42. Neil Ramirez (R) - A(TEX) 19 - 44 / 25 / 29 / 52 / 2.66 / 1.23 / 0.91 / 0.85 / .166

Neil has exceptional pure stuff featuring a mid 90's fastball with late life along with a plus curveball and a promising changeup. Neil, like many young pitchers will need to learn to harness his stuff as evidenced by the extremely high walk totals. With improved command he has true ace potential.


2010 version - He's been leap-frogged by several Rangers pitching prospects but not having as bad a year as his ERA would indicate. The peripherals aren't that bad. Who knows? He may be a late bloomer.


43. Jacob McGee (L) - AA(TB) 22 - 77.2 / 65 / 37 / 65 / 3.94 / 1.32 / 1.00 / .230

Questions were raised as to whether or not Jacob would be able to succeed as a starting pitcher with shaky command at best. Now, with Tommy John surgery in the rearview mirror those questions have intensified. With a mid 90's fastball, inconsistent slider and no real third pitch I believe his destiny resides in the bullpen which is why he is ranks so low. However, if he can somehow remain a starter he would definitely vault up the list. 


2010 version - Back from injury with a vengeance! I'm still hearing he's a future bullpen guy but he's doing his best to avoid that from happening. I'm back on the bandwagon. Gotta love the new found command!


44. Sean West (L) - A+(FLO) 22 - 100.2 / 79 / 60 / 92 / 2.41 / 1.39 / 1.40 / .224

Sean seemed to bounce back fully from labrum surgery as he was soon throwing low to mid 90's fastballs along with a hard slider and changeup. It did take him awhile to improve his command as he allowed a whopping 60 walks in 100.2 innings but by August this trend had markedly improved. He is currently pitching in the AZL for the Mesa Solar Sox having given up only 3 walks in 10 innings of work while striking out 9.


2010 version - Don't know what to think of this guy. He didn't throw near as hard as I thought in his time in the bigs. I wasn't very impressed by him either. I don't know. Maybe?


45. Dellin Betances (R) - A(NYY) 20 - 121.2 / 100 / 62 / 141 / 3.92 / 1.34 / 0.88 / .222

Dellin scuffled a bit out of the gate but really came on strong over the last 10 games of the season issuing no more than 3 walks in any one game which was his biggest problem during the season. In fact, over his last 55.1 innings he only issued 18 free passes which was a huge improvement. With a blazing fastball and improved command his potential is huge.


2010 version - Talk about a roller coaster ride. Dellin fell off the map as a top pitching prospect last year only to come back this year with a vengeance! Nice! 


46. Julio Teheran (R) - R(ATL) 17 - 15 / 18 / 4 / 17 / 6.60 / 1.47 / 1.27 / .305 

Apparently he was shutdown for precautionary reasons but from what I've read he has signicant upside. As is the case with 17 year old pitchers we'll just have to wait and see what the future holds.


2010 version - What can I say, one of the best arms if not the best arm in the minors.


47. Jonathan Niese (L) - AAA(NYM) 21 - 164 / 152 / 58 / 144 / 3.13 / 1.28 / 1.54 / .248

Jonathan, in my opinion, has limited upside. Maybe that of a #3 starter at best. Niese features a high 80's - low 90's fastball, a plus curve (by far his best offering) and a slider. Another thing he has going for him besides the curve is a rather desceptive delivery but I'm not seeing significant upside. For me, he just makes the top 50 and I could have just as well left him off the list entirely.


2010 version - This is me eating crow. He's much better than I thought he was although pitching in the grand canyon helps. If only Cole Hamels could be so lucky. I kid. I kid.


48. Jeffrey Locke (L) - A(ATL) 20 - 139.2 / 150 / 38 / 113 / 4.06 / 1.35 / 1.59 / .269

Locke had a mixed bag of sorts in that he was very inconsistent throughout the year. However, with 2 plus pitches in his low 90's fastball and power curve to go along with a developing change he has a chance to be a solid #3 starter. His delivery is rather deceptive and he gets high marks for mound presence.


2010 version - Doing pretty darn good in A+. The Pirates have to be ecstatic with their system from where it was back in 08'.


49. David Hernandez (R) - AA(BAL) 23 - 141 / 112 /  71 / 166 / 2.68 / 1.30 / 0.74 / .217

This is a pitcher I'm very leary about in that his command is shoddy and although his fastball & slider are plus at times he's basically a 2 pitch pitcher that could very well be bullpen bound. A feeling that is shared by many scouts.


2010 version - I was right. He's a bullpen guy and if his command doesn't improve he'll be a bullpen guy in the minors.  


50. Jairo Heredia (R) - A(NYY) 18 - 102.1 / 99 / 43 / 95 / 3.25 / 1.39 / 1.96 / .249 

Heredia features a low to mid 90's fastball, a curveball that has the potential to be a plus pitch, along with a developing change. Improved command is an area of concern but luckily he has time on his side. One also has to like his extreme groundball tendencies. Jairo is definitely a prospect to watch.


2010 version - No longer a prospect imo.


HONORABLE MENTION - in alphabetical order

Nick Adenhart , Wilfredo Boscan, Jose Casilla, Manuarys Correa, William Inman, Jaime Garcia, Danny Gutierrez, Zach McAllister, Michael Montgomery, Jeff Niemann, Juan Ramirez, James Simmons 

2010 version - Look at the pitchers on this list! Niemann and Garcia .. Wow! .. Montgomery is a top 10 pitching prospect, maybe top 5 and we all know what happened to Nick Adenhart. Looking back, I severely underrated him. He looked like he had a very bright future. So sad!


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