A look at Dodger Prospects in A+ Ball

With Tony Delmonico out with a broken wrist, and Pedro Baez out since May 5th, there's little offensive talent left at Inland Empire, but there are still an adequate number of arms at the ready.

Aaron Miller|LHP|A+|22-His command is coming in below my expectations, but it's still average to above average which is better than pretty much every other starting pitcher prospect in the system. He has struck out 75 batters and walked 35 batters in 74.2 innings. He has been lucky to have a 2.77 ERA, but I like his peripherals enough to probably move him up.

Kyle Smit|RHP|A+|22-Finally moved to relief full time, he has thrived. He has 36 K and 8 BB in 38 innings, and carries a 3.08 ERA. He keeps the ball on the ground well and has served as a closer from time to time, so it certainly seems like he has found his niche.

Austin Gallagher|1B|A+|21-His overall line of .272/.329/.357/.686 is not impressive, and so far, his 2010 season looks a lot like 2009. The walk rate has remained steady for Gallagher, and the strikeouts have actually come down, but ever since his shoulder injury last year, his ISO has been cut in half. What once was a doubles machines with projection to turn them into homers, has now become more of a singles hitter with similarly average on base and defensive value. He's only 21 so there's still time, but how his power bounces back from his shoulder injury will determine his future.

Nathan Eovaldi|RHP|A+|20-His ERA of 4.01 and FIP of 3.77 look impressive, and even though he does keep the ball on the ground, 0 homers in 60.2 innings just isn't realistic going forward. His walk rate has remained consistently average (9.7%) as a professional, but his strikeout rate continues to decline as he moves levels (27.3%/17.0%/15.8%). Trust me, he still throws hard, but the problem involves his breaking ball refinement. On the upside, he has 18 strikeouts in 14.1 June innings to go along with 6 walks, but I need to see more of that before being convinced of anything.

Ethan Martin|RHP|A+|21-He is either dominant or he gets dominated, and it seems to alternate every other start. Consistency is his problem right now, as he is certainly showing the stuff to succeed. 66 strikeouts in 63 innings speak to his stuff, but the 38 walks show his command is still a significant issue. I will say this though, as a starter, he has a 4.33 ERA, but as a reliever, he has an 11.00 ERA. Probably best just to let him start games instead of being the caddy.

Steven Caseres|1B|A+|23-Not sure what has happened here, as he's repeating the league but has gotten significantly worse. Last year's .828 OPS made him seem like a candidate to get tested at AA, but he has since cratered to a .663 OPS. He has been a bit unlucky with the BABIP, but there's no reason for his power to be basically cut in half. Quickly becoming organization depth rather than a potential reserve. He probably has to come off the prospect list at this stage too.

Alfredo Silverio|OF|A+|23-After following him for quite a while, I decided to take him off the prospect list. Now 23 and hitting .215/.222/.372/.594, i've lost my patience.

Geison Aguasviva|LHP|A+|22-More than struggling with the league, he seems to be struggling as a starter. I argued that he should get his chance,and he did, but he has hardly impressed in that time, walking 13 and striking out 15 while having a 6.30 ERA. As a reliever though he has continued to thrive, posting 11 strikeouts and just two walks in 11.2 innings. His ERA of 4.63 is not the most impressive, but that will come down with a bigger sample and better luck.

Jon Michael Redding|RHP|A+|22-Overall, he doesn't look so great. A 4.42 ERA in 71.1 innings with poor peripherals (44 K/35 BB) don't exactly scream prospect. However, in June he has 16 K and 6 walks in 21 innings, so improvement seems to be coming. He keeps the ball primarily on the ground, so I think he could actually benefit from improved defenses as he moves levels.

Javier Solano|RHP|A+|20-A 5.16 ERA is a bit misleading, as he has had 23 strikeouts and just 4 free passes in 22.2 innings pitched. A BABIP of .403 can't possibly continue.

*Update, 6/22/10* Aaron Miller has been moved up to AA

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