Collegiate Summer Leagues -- Team USA/Cape Cod

Rice 3B Anthony Rendon is the early-favorite for the number one prospect in the 2011 Draft. Rendon will be playing for Team USA's Collegiate National Team this summer. (Photo via

With the 2010 Draft in the books, it's never too early to start looking at the year ahead. As you probably already know, the 2011 class is loaded with talent. In terms of overall depth, next year's class could rival the stacked 2005 class. But, only time will tell how things will shake out. Until then, follow the jump to take a peek at where some of the top prospects for next year will be playing summer ball.

The official Team USA Collegiate National Team roster has not been officially announced. However, we can make a pretty good assumption as to who will make the team. For those listed that do not make the cut, they all have Cape Cod team's that they can still go play for. And obviously, some of these players will be playing in the College World Series within the next couple of weeks. Leagues such as Northwoods, Prospect, etc., will be apart of another post. Feel free to nominate another player whom you think I may have missed as this is only a quick look. Without further ado:

Rendon, Anthony (3B, Rice) – Team USA

MacPhee, Zach (2B, ASU) – CCL, Bourne

Mahtook, Mikie (OF, LSU) – Team USA

Paolini, Dan (2B, Sienna) – CCL, Chatham

Meyer, Alex (RHP, Kentucky) – CCL, Yarmouth-Dennis

Maronde, Nick (LHP, Florida) – CCL, Falmouth

Purke, Matthew (LHP, TCU) – Team USA

Tanner, Cecil (RHP, Georgia) – CCL, Falmouth

Michael, Levi (INF, UNC) – CCL, Harwich

Cole, Gerrit (RHP, UCLA) -- Team USA

Vollmuth, B.A. (SS, Southern Miss.) – CCL, Falmouth

Armstrong, Jack (RHP, Vanderbilt) – CCL, Wareham

Dickerson, Alex (OF, Indiana) – CCL, Wareham

Springer, George (OF, Connecticut) – Team USA

McCann, James (C, Arkansas) – CCL, Cotuit

Maddox, Austin (C/3B, Florida) – CCL, Bourne

Wright, Ryan (SS, Louisville) -- Team USA

Dicharry, Austin (RHP, Texas) – CCL, Cotuit

Gray, Sonny (RHP, Vanderbilt) – Team USA

Cone, Zach (OF, Georgia) – Team USA

Ramirez, Nick (INF/P, Cal State Fullerton) -- Team USA

Carpenter, Ryan (LHP, Gonzaga) – CCL, Orleans

Cron, C.J. (C, Utah) -- Team USA

Esposito, Jason (SS, Vanderbilt) – CCL, Orleans

Tucker, Preston (1B, Florida) – CCL, Orleans

McGough, Scott (RHP, Oregon) -- Team USA

Dugas, Taylor (OF, Alabama) -- Team USA

Oropesa, Ricky (3B, Southern Calif.) – CCL, Chatham

Verrett, Logan (RHP, Baylor) – CCL, Chatham

Bradley, Jackie (OF, South Carolina) – Team USA

Hultzen, Danny (LHP, Virginia) – Team USA

Proscia, Steve (3B, Virginia) – CCL, Harwich

Ott, Matthew (RHP, LSU) – Team USA

Pill, Tyler (RHP/OF, Cal State Fullerton) – Team USA


-It is also important to note that LSU right-hander Anthony Ranaudo, whom was taken 39th overall by the Boston Red Sox in the 2010 draft, will pitch for the Brewster Whitecaps of the CCL. 

-For the complete list of players currently invited to try out to play for Team USA, click here.

-Also, be sure to check out Alex Pedicini of The Hardball Times' Cape Cod Preview.  

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