Minor League Ball Fantasy League Update

MiLB Fantasy League Update, by Boomer

TEAM OF THE WEEK: Caballeros Guapos - Jim Harris
The Handsome Knights weren't the best team in the
head-to-head last week or the biggest gain in the standings;
those honors went to the "better late than never" Veni Vidi
Vici squad. They did however make the biggest leap of all,
up into the top spot in the MLBFL and that earns them TEAM
OF THE WEEK. There have been many utterly shocking
performances so far this year (Jose Bautista? Carlos Silva?)
but there have also been massive disappointments &, at least
on offense, you wouldn't find two greater disappointments
over the first to months than Carlos Lee & Aramis Ramirez,
both of whom happen to wear the colors of the Guapos. But
they've managed to persevere so far led by a ragtag bunch of
castoff pitchers (Sweaty Freddie Garcia! Jon Garland! The
Kyles Kendrick & Davies!) and a formidable offense. I'm not
sure that pitching can hold up but there's lots of hitting
to deal & owner Jim's role as a jet-setting international
playboy will certainly play to his advantage. Nice work,

HITTER OF THE WEEK: Carlos Pena - Astronomie Domonie
Six home runs & 9 RBI in a week will do that for ya. I seem
to remember an interview with Pena where he states that if
he weren't playing baseball, he would want to be a
documentary filmmaker. Add that to his being a late-bloomer
poster boy & you have one of my favorite MLBers right there.

1. Pena - Astronomie Domonie
2. Chris B. Young - Veni Vidi Vici
3. Adam Dunn - Team Name
4. Josh Hamilton - Sickel me Longo
5. Sean Rodriguez - Minor Offense
6. Aubrey Huff - Amson
7. Ryan Spilbourghs - BatCats
8. Jose Reyes - The Lollards
9. Adrian Gonzalez - The Boomers
10. Brandon Phillips - Team Name

PITCHER OF THE WEEK: Matt Cain - Free State Liberators
Cainer (forgive the "er" hockey nickname.. the 'Hawks just
won the CUP!) got 2 QS-W's last week, striking out 9 while
allowing just one earned run.
Who's better: Matt Cain or Felix Hernandez? Most folks would
just instinctively say "Felix" I'm sure... Me? I don't
know... Here's some graphs to look at:

I also think Matt Cain looks like the muscled Duck from the
beach in this cartoon:
I can't really explain that one. He just does... Being that
Cain is from Alabama, he probably has a similar accent?

1. Cain - Free State Liberators
2. Jason Hammel - Caballeros Guapos
3. Colby Lewis - the Velvet FOG...
4. Wade LeBlanc - NY Dynasty
5. Ted Lilly - Veni Vidi Vici
6. Stephen Strasburg - JMac Attack (great... here we go..)
7. Gavin Floyd - Veeck's Wreck
8. Carlos Silva - Amson
9. Dan Haren? - the Velvet FOG...
10. Cliff Lee - Defenders of Zordon (ugh.)

THE BUMS WILL ALWAYS LOSE!: The team who owns Cliff Lee..

BUM HITTER: Jason Kendall - Veeck's Wreck
Kendall went 1-25 last week & it's kinda amazing to me that
someone owns him in the league, right? However, in true
Jason Kendall fashion, he did hit a sacrifice fly! Always
for the good of the team! It's hard now to remember when he
was actually really really good. 2004?

1. Kendall - Veeck's Wreck
2. Jose Lopez - Jake's Snakes
3. Nyjer Morgan - Free State Liberators
4. Jerry Hairston - the Velvet FOG... (I can't believe HE'S
actually owned!)
5. Chase Headley - Jake's Snakes
6. Jose Bautista? - Anything's Possible
7. Luis Valbuena - Minor Offense
8. Starlin Castro - Veeck's Wreck
9. Carlso Ruiz - Caballeros Guapos
10. Alberto Callaspo - Maxwell's Silver Hammers

BUM PITCHER: Randy Wolf - The Lollards
I like Randy Wolf. He's like Ted Lilly's twin brother. But
you just can't give up 5 home runs in less than 5 innings.
You just can't.

1. Wolf - The Lollards
2. Kevin Millwood - Crumpton Roches
3. Brian Bannister - Jake's Snakes
4. Jamie Moyer - Free State Liberators
5. Ian Snell - Jake's Snakes
6. Joe Blanton - The Lollards
7. Ricky Nolasco - Anything's Possible
8. Rich Harden - The Sloweys
9. Matt Thornton - Anything's Possible
10. Mike Leake - Anything's Possible (ouch)

That's all I got.
Have a great week!

The Velvet FOG...

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