Ranking the Leagues: The Carolina League

The intro:

Seeing as we're getting close to the midpoint of the season, it's not a bad idea to start reassessing players, and based on the popularity of cwhitman's regrade thread, it's obvious that we're all thinking about how players stack up. That being said, making a top prospects list is hard and it can take a while to double-check that you're not missing any names. So I decided, why not go through the process of creating community league top prospect lists? This way we're breaking things up into much easier-to-digest chunks. Obviously things will change - we have another half of the season to go, and some prospects will receive promotions and become eligible for various lists at later dates. That's not a problem, though, and it should actually make it easier to integrate prospects into the overall league rankings as they become eligible. Note that while a prospect may no longer be in the league, for this exercise we'll consider position players to be eligible if he A) has 100 or more ABs in the league or B) is currently in the league. Starting pitchers are eligible if they have A) 5 or more starts in the league or B) they are currently in the league. All relief pitchers are automatically eligible, no innings count. Rehab appearances obviously do not count. Let me know if this works for everybody.

To facilitate these rankings, I'm going to post a list of "notable" prospects from each team, in an effort to minimize the chances of anybody forgetting about a particular prospect. You may also wonder why I'm not starting with the Midwest or South Atlantic League . . .the reason is that those leagues are very large, and having that many teams to run through might make them a little difficult to start with. So the order will be: High A leagues, Double A leagues, Low A leagues, Triple A leagues. If I'm missing anybody in the notables list, let me know so I can add them. Your list need not be restricted to these players, they are purely here for the sake of reminding you that they are in this league. Also keep in mind: the omission of a player from the notables list does not mean that I hate said player or that I am unaware of his existence. Thomas Field, I salute you!

NOTE: There is no "minimum" number of prospects that you have to rank. If you want to rank 10, rank 10. If you want to rank a full 20, rank 20. No more than 20, but whatever you feel comfortable with otherwise . . .don't rank players if you don't feel comfortable.


Link to previous Ranking the Leagues:

California League



Notable prospects for the Carolina League:


Frederick Keys:

L.J. Hoes, Xavier Avery, Bill Rowell, Richard Zagone, Ryan Berry


Kinston Indians:

Jason Kipnis, T.J. House, Alex White, Nick Hagadone, Kelvin De La Cruz, Joseph Gardner, Bryce Stowell


Lynchburg Hillcats:

Devin Mesoraco, Alex Buchholz, Neftali Soto, Cody Puckett


Myrtle Beach Pelicans:

Mycal Jones (recently promoted to the league), Randall Delgado, J.J. Hoover, Julio Teheran, Zeke Spruill


Potomac Nationals:

Michael Burgess, Derek Norris, A.J. Morris


Salem Red Sox:

Oscar Tejada, Will Middlebrooks, Ryan Lavarnway, Peter Hissey, Anthony Rizzo, Ryan Dent, Brock Huntzinger, Caleb Clay, Stolmy Pimental, Alex Wilson


Wilmington Blue Rocks:

Eric Hosmer, Adrian Ortiz, Tim Melville, John Lamb, Mike Montgomery


Winston-Salem Dash:

Jon Gilmore, Eduardo Escobar, Nevin Griffith

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