Dewey's Top Veintidos

*The following Top 22 List excludes recent draftees and prospects already promoted to their MLB teams.


1. Pedro Alvarez - People overreact on his struggles and then don't appreciate his successes and improvements.  For now, he WILL play 3B, and hit like a beast.

2. Jeremy Hellickson - A complete arsenal of above average pitches and the ability to use all of them effectively.  Its not a question of IF he will become a frontline starter, but WHEN.

3. Desmond Jennings - Injuries slow him down, but the eventual replacement of Carl Crawford atop the Rays lineup will make the team even better.  Extremely talented all-round player.

4. Domonic Brown - This kid has made me a believer.  Gifted athlete will put up good numbers across the board in Philadelphia, perhaps replacing Ibanez or Werth as soon as next year.

5. Jesus Montero - I have no idea where he will play on the field, but he will be a Miguel Cabrera type masher with a high average and a lot of power.  Would have been #1 on this list if not for the slow start.

6. Simon Castro - Reminds me of Roy Halladay in that he will be a workhorse ace that pitches deep into games with the ability to get punchouts and groundballs.  Good control and very efficient.

7. Julio Teheran - Was tempted to put him ahead of Castro, but would like to see how he fares in AA first.  Perhaps the best pure stuff in the minors right now.

8. Mike Trout - Aggressive ranking but so far the kid has shown the ability that he can do it all.  I see no flaws in his game at the moment so it will be interested to see how he does against better pitching.

9. Mike Moustakas - Finally showing the potential that got him drafted 2nd overall in 2007.  Not sure how inflated the numbers are due to the hitter friendly Texas League, but the kid is "ripping ass" as Frederick would say.

10. Michael Pineda - The hard thrower is healthy and dominating AA.  If his elbow holds up, he will be the #2 guy behind King Felix, but on most other teams he would be the ace with his effective fastball/cutter/change combo.

11. Dan Hudson - Doesn't get the respect he deserves despite dominating every level.  With 3 good pitches and excellent control, he will prove a lot of doubters wrong.

12. Jonathan Singleton - Demonstrating tremendous ability at such a young age.  Its early, but right now he looks like the total package as a hitter.

13. Wil Myers - Probably won't be a catcher, but he has the bat that will play anywhere.  Should be capable of putting up consistent 30+ HR and .300+ AVG seasons during his prime.

14. Bryan Morris - Lost a lot of time due to injuries, but has rebounded in a big way this season.  Excellent numbers this season with the stuff to back it up.

15. Kyle Drabek - He will never be able to replace Roy Halladay, but has the stuff to put together some Cy Young calibre seasons for the Blue Jays.  Absolutely love his fastball/hook combination.

16. Kyle Gibson - Good stuff, knows how to use it, and keeps the ball on the ground.  Will eventually supplant Liriano as the ace of the Twins pitching staff.

17. Aroldis Chapman - Based on just stuff, he would be the top arm on the list.  Needs to find consistency in his performance and control, but has shown the ability to absolutely dominate hitters.

18. Reese Havens - Its time for you to start taking my Chase Utley comparisons seriously.  He is the best 2B prospect in the minors that will hit for average and power.

19. Brett Jackson - A very similar player to Grady Sizemore, but with the ability to hit lefties.  There is power in his bat, just wait and see.

20. Mike Montgomery - Hard throwing lefty makes it difficult for batters to make hard contact.  With the ability to get strikeouts and keep the ball on the ground, should eventually join Greinke to form a potent 1-2 punch in KC.

21. Eric Hosmer - Much like Moustakas, he is also finally proving that he was worth the high draft selection.  Has demonstrated an excellent approach at the plate this season.

22. Tyler Matzek - Small sample so far, but the performance has been good and his stuff is excellent.  As he gets more innings under his belt, he should soar up the rankings.

For those of you who believe I am too aggressive with my rankings of players in Low A (Trout/Singleton/Myers), let's keep in mind that Ryan Westmoreland garnered similar attention despite being 'unproven' at higher levels.

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