Los Angeles Dodgers Draft Review

Working through the NL West, we come to the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Los Angeles Dodgers Draft Review
1) Zach Lee, RHP, Texas HS: It is likely that Lee is completely unsignable away from LSU football. According to the conspiracy theory, the Dodgers picked him planning to make a pro-forma slot offer, have him reject it, then save the money for the draft next year when the class will be stronger and the McCourt divorce proceedings finished. Sometimes conspiracy theories are right. The Dodgers, for their part, say they will go all out to sign him.

2) Ralston Cash, RHP, Georgia HS: Good fastball at 90-93, needs to refine his other pitches and somewhat raw, but fits the kind of young pitcher that has interested the Dodgers in past drafts.

3) Leon Landry, OF, Louisiana State University: Good tools except for his throwing arm, made a lot of progress refining his bat this year. Matt Lawton-type player, with some power and speed.

4) James Baldwin III, OF, North Carolina HS: Bloodline player, which the Dodgers love. Good tools with loads of potential, but raw for a guy with a big-league dad. Should be signable away from Elon at this slot.

5) Jake Lemmerman, SS, Duke University: Reliable defender but will likely move to second base due to range limits. Bat may be questionable but he has some power. This could be a mild overdraft but not a horrible pick.

6) Kevin Gausman, RHP, Colorado HS: Supplemental round talent following an erratic spring, may not be signable away from LSU, although a better chance than Lee. Hits 93-94 on his best days, but needs refinement and could benefit from college. On the other hand, he could also benefit from getting into the Dodgers system. Current rumors have him going to college, but we'll see what the summer brings.

7) Ryan Christenson, LHP, South Mountain Community College: Arizona junior college lefty, this is the third time he has been drafted by the Dodgers. They obviously like his 88-90 MPH fastball, curve, and changeup.

8) Blake Dean, OF-1B, Louisiana State: Power-hitting senior, lacks great tools other than strength, but a nice pick in this slot, affordable and could be very good.

9) Steve Domecus, C, Virginia Tech: Another senior with a power bat, a budget pick with pop.

10) Bobby Coyle, OF, Fresno State University: Another college bat who has performed well, doesn't draw many walks but has some pop from the left side.

FOUR OTHERS OF NOTE: 11-Joc Pederson, OF, California HS; 21-Noel Cuevas, OF; Universidad Interamericana JC; 31-Derek Cone, RHP, Mesa CC; 32-Devon Ethier, OF, Gateway CC.

COMMENT: If the Dodgers actually signed both Lee and Gausman, this would be a great draft. That seems very unlikely, however, and it depends on what their true intentions are at this point. Money not spent on Lee could go to getting Gausman, Cash, Baldwin, and Pederson into the system. They picked up some cost-effective college bats in the later rounds, but this draft will be made (or broken) on issues of signability and money.

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