4/11 MiLB Discussion Thread

Sorry for the dumb poll.  If there's a better idea, I'll change.

Some intriguing pitchers that caught my eye (as usual, may miss some, and some may not be listed.  Furthermore, impacted by what I think ... and uh, there's my Cubs bias as well.  I'll try to be more fair and not list Cubs for the sake of it from now on.):

For a full list, MLS has it (although they are still showing yesterday's as of now), or you can flip through the scoreboard at MiLB.

To enhance my own awareness, and maybe others, if there's an arm that intrigues you for one reason or another that is not listed, could you tell us a bit about the player.  I'll be the first to admit that my focus is mainly on the Cubs, although I try to find out about other guys

PCL - Casey Coleman, Adam Ottavino vs. Brad Thompson, Tommy Mendoza vs. Brett Cecil, Billy Buckner, John Ely vs. Guillermo Moscoso, Will Inman

IL (Charlotte/Gwinnett, Louisville/Toledo not listed yet on scoreboard) - Jason Hirsh vs. Dillon Gee (09 numbers look fairly decent ... could someone tell me about him), Joe Savery vs. Shairon Martis, Troy Patton, Fabio Castro, Yohan Pino, Aroldis Chapman

SL (Mob/Mont not listed yet):  Michael Bowman, Darryl Thompson, Mauricio Robles vs. Jose Rosario

TL:  Jordan Lyles vs. Edgar Osuna, Wynn Pelzer vs. Bruce Billings (dang ... nice number of K's last year, a bit older ... what's the report on him?), Kasey Kiker, Scott Gorgen vs. Anthony Capra

EL:  Stephen Strasburg vs. Rudy Owens, Tyler Robertson, Stephen Fife, David Phelps (hmm control looks nice), Paolo Espino

FSL:  Chris Archer (control?) vs. Cody Scarpetta,  Manny Banuelos vs. Adam Wilk, Kyle Allen, JC Ramirez

Carolina:  JJ Hoover, Cole McCurry (old for A+ but the K's caught my eye ... is he a lefty with a breaking ball that dominated Low A), TJ House, Alex Wilson vs. Patrick Lehman (gotta say, 2 walks in 59.1 innings over 2 levels is impressive, don't know squat about this GW grad, though)

California (I'm sure some of these arms are intriguing but only McAnaney jumps out at me ... help me out):  Pat McAnaney

MWL (Burlington/Kane County not listed on scoreboard):  Shelby Miller, Dexter Carter (any updates on his mechanics), Chad Jenkins, Chase Anderson, Su-ming Jung, Jon Hesketh, JC Sulbaran vs. Wilking Rodriguez

SAL (Aug/GBO not listed yet):  Arodys Vizcaino vs. Matt Wickswat (old, but K's caught my eye), Jose A. Ramirez vs Jose Cisnero, Roman Mendez, Collin McHugh, Brody Colvin, Paul Demny

Looks like a lot of interesting arms going today.  Chris Archer vs. Cody Scarpetta intrigues me.  Very curious about some AAA guys like Hirsh and Cecil.  Kiker was discussed a fair amount this winter.  Darryl Thompson was hurt last year ... right?  I like Wynn Pelzer enough ... think he's gone under the radar a bit.  Very curious about JC Ramirez outside of Cal League.  Shelby and Chad will have a lot of eyes following them.  Jung has good stuff reportedly.  Very curious if Dexter Carter can fix whatever ailed him at the end of last season, or if he falls back into some inconsistency.  Arodys was the centerpiece of that trade ... gonna be curious how he does in full-season.

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