Chris Tillman



  • 4seam is around 93-94 that occasionally hits 96. I saw one reading of 99. Flat fastball but great velocity. Command is poor especially when he is overthrowing (normal problem though).
  • 2seam is around 90 with good boring action. Great for ruining bats of RH hitters. Very little downward action. Not to be used as a feature pitch though. In spots can be a very good weapon.


  • Some games is more of a slurve. Other games can be 12-6 curve. Also loses grip and sails a lot high, bounces too many. Not too big a deal though, it should improve over time.
  • Can be a devastating pitch at times.


  • Very flat but at least good arm action.
  • I heard it was a split-change. But after seeing it and seeing a closeup of the grip it's a circle-change. It's something he has been working on this season.
  • Sometimes he gets nice tail action on it making it a real weapon against LH hitters. Maybe 2 per game.
  • Needs a lot of work. He must get consistent tail action or must get some solid downward motion. It's very flat. When you combine with a flat fastball it's not good.



  • He throws very hard. But gets hit incredibly hard. I haven't seen a guy with his stuff get hit as hard as he does in a while.
  • Getting consistency in his curve is a must. I expect it will happen, just a matter of repetitions. The question is really a matter if it becomes a consistent slurve (ughh), the consistent dominant curve, or something in between
  • Unless that curve becomes dominant he needs something against LH hitters. That fastball is too hittable. He needs that change to improve. If he does then the fastball will play bigger.
  • He could improve fastball command and the other issues would be a lot less important. After all 95 on the paint with an erratic but sometimes dominant curve and a get me over change can put up good numbers. I just don't see the command changing over night. He puts far too many in very hittable areas.


He is talented but raw. With the velocity he has and the ability to occasionally get very good breaking stuff I see a lot of potential. Many reports I hear say potential ace and worst case #3. I think that is overstating it a lot. Sure, he could become an ace. But there is a lot of work ahead. And he could be an awful lot worse than a #3.

I really like him and his upside. Of course I won't be touching him in any league though, too many see him as the equivalent of a player like Brett Anderson.

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