Tim Lincecum

I don't think there is a need for a report on him but there was some interest.



  • Velocity averaged 92.5 I think. A drop from 2008. From watching it he was 93-95 early in the game and then the velocity decreased. Occasionally he would reach back for extra later in the game.
  • Excellent late life. Sometimes a ton of hard late life. Most of the time good late life, but he does throw some flatter fastballs as well.
  • Tailing action similar to his change. Just doesn't dive down like the change.
  • Doesn't seem afraid to come inside
  • Throws a lot of strikes
  • Location is an issue. He doesn't have very good command. With his velocity, movement, and secondary pitches it shouldn't get as much hard contact as it does. But he frequently throws in bad locations.



  • Nice tailing action with solid downward movement
  • Can throw it for strikes or use as a chase pitch. Not hittable when used as a chase pitch
  • I've seen hitters sit on the change and crush it. I've also seen a hitter sit on the change only to get 3 grooved fastballs down the middle with his bat on his shoulder. I doubt he does that again.
  • I saw one game where Cincy hitters sat on breaking pitches. The first 4 hitters had 2 hard hits, one hard hit out and a walk. I'm not saying this to slag him, this happens to anyone. It's more in response to a poster who didn't think hitters sit on change-ups.
  • Gets lots of strikes in the zone and lots of strikes chasing out of the zone
  • Excellent pitch



  • I've heard he throws 2 types but I've seen 3. He throws a pitch that he calls a slider curve (or something) but Molina says is just a hard curve, then he throws his regular curve and he also throws a get me over once in a while.
  • Doesn't have the consistency with this pitch like he does with the change. Maybe because he throws it less?
  • Can be an excellent weapon when hitters are chasing or he commands it well that day. It's a decent 3rd pitch.



  • There is some concern over the velocity drop. As it stands he has plenty. If it drops more I still think he will be a quality pitcher but nothing like he is right now. Not without some other improvement to offset it
  • He gets away with poor command of his fastball because of the late life and the velocity.If the velocity drops I think it starts to get hit harder. What will he do, throw it less? He threw it only 53% or some amazing number like that.
  • Lincecum should be one of the best pitchers in baseball this year but I don't like the trend of lost velocity and going away from his fastball


I love what he brings and especially his change. While I mention it is hittable when sat on I prefer a pitch that can be thrown consistently for strikes more than an unhittable pitch that gets way too many balls. That's AJ Burnett territory. And I really love the movement on his fastball. I have a lot of red flags (fastball command, velocity loss in 2009, velocity loss in game, diminishing fastball usage, size) for him but his stuff is so good at the moment it doesn't matter.


And the answer is yes, I do know I will get an awful lot of comments from "Timmy" fans.

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