Edwin Jackson

At the beginning of the season there was some talk about Edwin and a little hype. Not as much as he deserved but I guess with Verlander and a younger Porcello that will happen. And when he struggled at the end of the year I heard a lot of talk about career year or BABIP. I really like what he brings. His high heat, being very agressive, and a nice slider.



  • Typically around 95 with a little late life
  • Can reach high 90's but not very often
  • It's not effortless but he isn't just a thrower
  • Location is decent for his velocity
  • Very agressive with it. Doesn't try to be too fine. Will throw inside.



  • Inconsistent
  • Can be an excellent pitch.
  • Varies from bouncing it, throwing a decent chase slider, and a hard biting slider for strikes that isn't very hittable


  • Started out excellent, dominating in the AL Central.
  • Schedule wasn't too difficult but he was a strike throwing machine.
  • One game against the Blue Jays he threw about 10 out of 11 first pitch strikes with 2 or 3 being sliders.
  • Heard many reports about his late struggles being due to his slider. That it was tipped or less movement.
  • IMO the real problem was being tired. Late in the season he stopped throwing strikes. He also lowered his arm angle. And he exceeded previous innings pitched. These symptoms = tired. His velocity was the same but location is always the first thing to go
  • Slider was less effective at the end of the season due to the arm angle. But that wasn't a big deal. It was all those 2-0 counts instead of 1-2 counts he was racking up early in the season.



  • I think he is the real deal and while the park will hurt him the NL will definitely help. Not only the 8 and 9 hole but also the usage of fastballs more in the NL.
  • Edwin throws his slider too much for my liking but because he throws his fastball so much it's still at a safe amount. 27.4% is too high though, so there is some risk. FYI: Brett Anderson through 32% last year.
  • I think he does need to develop his change and throw it more. Or another pitch. But his annual progression has been too strong to think this will hold him back. Without it though he won't become an ace. That's ok, I see a quality #2 as his ceiling anyways.
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