daveh's Revised Top 150 prospects 2010


First time I've done a Revised list, but as The Dude so put it:  

"I dropped off the money exactly as per... look, man, I've got certain information, all right? Certain things have come to light."

To compare with my top 110 from October / to see what things have come to light, the link is right here

I approach my lists as a GM drafting for my team. "Take the best player available".  Whether that player is in short-season A-ball or AAA, its a balance. Yes, a guy in AAA has possibly beat some of the injury nexus and has proven he can play up to the AAA level, so it is taken into consideration, as are: Tools, Skills, Projectability, Body, Athleticism, ARL, Scouting Reports, and of course The Numbers.  [i also love upside].

Been working on this for about a month. tweaking along as I discover new video and new scouting reports.

Since this is John's site, and as a way to compare, I've included John's grades next to their names. I'll throw in a comment or two along the way.


1. Jason Heyward - OF ATL [A]
 - - my tongue is purple from all of the Heyward kool-aid

2. Stephen Strasburg - P WAS [A]

3. Buster Posey - C SF [A]

4. Carlos Santana - C CLE [A]

5. Michael Stanton - OF FLA [A-]

6. Desmond Jennings - CF TB [A]

7. Jesus Montero - C/DH NYY [A]

8. Brian Matusz - P BAL [A]

9. Neftali Feliz - P TEX [A]

10. Dustin Ackley - CF/2B SEA [A-] - - I think he's been a tad under-rated around here. [2B? lol...?]

11. Martin Perez - P TEX [A-]

12. Domonic Brown - OF PHI [B+]

13. Justin Smoak - 1B TEX [A-]

14. Pedro Alvarez - 3B/1B PIT [A]

15. Christian Friedrich - P COL [B+]

16. Aroldis Chapman - P CIN [A-]

17. Logan Morrison - 1B/OF FLA [B+]

18. Jeremy Hellickson - P TB [A-]

19. Jenrry Mejia - P NYM [B+] - - at 0:10-12 that looks like an out pitch . tremendous movement.

20. Michael Taylor - OF OAK [B+]

21. Wade Davis - P TB [A-]

22. Chris Carter - 1B/DH OAK [A-]

23. Lonnie Chisenhall - 3B CLE [B+]

24. Aaron Hicks - CF MIN [B+] - - I finally gave in to the scouting reports. his ceiling es grande. 

25. Matthew Moore - P TB [B+]
- - new nickname : K-9

26. Starlin Castro - SS CHC [B+] - - Also snuck up the list after more scouting reports and video.

27. Kyle Drabek - P TOR [B+]
- - One guy that I like more than his numbers suggest I should

28. Madison Bumgarner - P SF [A-]
- - Really cautious, still.

29. Derek Norris - C WAS [B+] - - On the cusp of the elite C crop. Best chance to be C. Santana 2.0

30. Tyler Matzek - P COL [B+] - - Best stuff after Stras and Schepp

31. Fernando Martinez - OF NYM [B+] - - Love the ISOP and the ARL in AAA. Not sure about his Def.

32. Casey Kelly - P BOS [B+] - - Slowly peeling away my skepticism, almost made my top 30.

33. Freddie Freeman - 1B ATL [B+] - - I believe in the bat. strong ARL and good reports from BA

34. Alcides Escobar - SS MIL [B+] - - Not quite sold on the bat. But he will likely be a valuable player

35. Mike Montgomery - P KC [B+]

36. Chris Withrow - P LAD [B+] - - I was tempted to put him really high, like top 25 high...

37. Aaron Crow - P KC [B] - - I think John underrated him.

38. Ryan Westmoreland - CF BOS [B+] - - need to see him healthy and in full-season ball

39. Brett Wallace - 1B TOR [B+] - - so apparently he's a 1B. like the bat, but i don't see it as elite for 1B

40. Devaris Gordon - SS LAD [B+] - - like Hicks, really warmed up to him / drool-worthy reports.

41. Jordan Lyles - P HOU [B+] - - trying to be practical here, but I love his arm a lot. stock watch

42. Julio Teheran - P ATL [B] - - same with Lyles, I probably rated him too highly in October.

43. Todd Frazier - 2B/3B/OF CIN [B+] - - not sure where he's gonna play, but I love his bat

44. Casey Crosby - P DET [B+]

45. Donovan Tate - CF SD [B+] - - watched vid of him, toolsy dude.

46. Grant Green - SS OAK [B+] - - really like the bat, if he stays a SS, could be huge.

47. Simon Castro - P SD [B+] - - this may be an under-ranking. He needs more pub.

48. Jacob Turner - P DET [B+] - - doesn't quite have the stuff of Matzek

49. Jared Mitchell - CF CHW [B] - - Give in to the TOOLS. let's see what he does without football now

50. Hector Rondon - P CLE [B] - - hard guy to rank. dropped him a bit because unsure how good stuff is

51. Wil Myers - C KC [B] - - mancrush. jayson werth 2.0? can he stick at C? if so, drool.

52. Reid Brignac - SS TB [B-] - - underrated by most, loved by few. saw him play in sept, he'll be a SS

53. Yonder Alonso - 1B CIN [B+] - - lacking stats, defense & bat vs. lefties in question.

54. Josh Bell - 3B BAL [B]

55. Jaff Decker - OF SD [B] - - bad body, very questionable D drop him. let's see how he advances

56. Arodys Vizcaino - P ATL [B] - - he and Colome sound darn near identical in upside. i'm intrigued

57. Alex Colome - P TB [B]

58. Jhoulys Chacin - P COL [B+] - - should be serviceable but i don't see star.

59. Brett Lawrie - 2B/OF MIL [B+] - - will he stick at 2B?

60. Shelby Miller - P STL [B] - - really like him, i almost went much higher on him.

61. Kyle Gibson - P MIN [B-] - - major questions about his health, but some experts think its a 'go'

62. Dan Hudson - P CHW [B+]

63. Zach Stewart - P TOR [B+]

64. Tanner Scheppers - P TEX [B+] - - same boat as Gibson. major major stuff though.

65. Josh Reddick - CF/OF BOS [B] - - love the power potential / ISOP in the eastern league.

66. Mike Trout - CF LAA [B+] - - not quite as toolsy as Mitchell/Tate? could surpass them though

67. Tim Beckham - SS TB [B-] - - report after report of a bad body / position shift worry

68. Tim Melville - P KC [B] - - really like him. i think he may be in for a big year / stock watch

69. Tyler Flowers - C/DH CHW [B] - - knees and D worry me. if he doesn't catch, he belongs in the 100s

70. Mike Moustakas - 3B KC [B] - - make-or-break year to me.

71. Brett Jackson - CF CHC [B]

72. Jose Iglesias - SS BOS [C+] - - looks really slick, but small next to Castro . watch

73. Zach Britton - P BAL [B]

74. Ryan Kalish - CF BOS [B] - - I've been warming up to him. want to see him healthy before i go higher

75. Hank Conger - C LAA [B+] - - almost put him above Flowers. I believe in the bat

76. Danny Duffy - P KC [B]

77. Jay Jackson - P CHC [B]

78. Ethan Martin - P LAD [B]

79. Jake Arrieta - P BAL [B+]

80. Josh Vitters - 3B CHC [B] - - i worry what he'll do in higher levels... definitely not sold.

81. Alex Avila - C DET [B] - - looks like a potential above-average C in MLB. very valuable

82. Jiovanni Mier - SS HOU [B] - - love him, but trying not to put too much into rookie-ball numbers

83. Zach Wheeler - P SF [B]

84. James Darnell - 3B SD [B]

85. Matt Dominguez - 3B FLA [B] - - need to see that he can hit. not very optimistic about his stick

86. Manny Banuelos - P NYY [B-] - - seems very underrated, except by that one ex-scout dude.

87. Mat Gamel - 3B/OF MIL [B-] - - is he really a 3B?

88. Michael Saunders - OF SEA [B]

89. Nick Weglarz - OF CLE [B-] - - I strongly believe in his bat.

90. Hak-Ju Lee - SS CHC [B] - - very good reports on his D. i think he could rocket up lists real quick.

91. Mike Leake - P CIN [B]

92. Wilmer Flores - SS NYM [B+] - - unsure of where to put him, and i've seen him play. bat control a +

93. Jason Castro - C HOU [B+] - - i see an MLB regular, with a lesser bat than Avila

94. Jarrod Parker - P ARI [B-] - - and now we wait.

95. Alex White - P CLE [B]

96. Scott Sizemore - 2B DET [B] - - i think he doesn't get enough pub. love the bat at 2B

97. Austin Romine - C NYY [B]

98. Tony Sanchez - C PIT [B]

99. Austin Jackson - CF DET [B] - - could be good, could be 4th OFer / don't see the bat.

100. Danny Espinosa - SS WAS [B]

101. Drew Storen - RP WAS [B+] - - a see a good reliever at the least, could be standout closer.

102. Wynn Pelzer - P SD [B] - - i always forget about him, but the more i read, more i like, very intriguing.

103. Eric Hosmer - 1B KC [B-]

104. Ike Davis - 1B NYM [B]

105. Thomas Neal - OF SF [B] - - let's see him do it out of the CAL league

106. Wilmer Font - P TEX [B]

107. Jemile Weeks - 2B OAK [B-] - - love the wheels/bloodlines, not sure of the bat.

108. Nick Hagadone - P CLE [B]

109. Trevor Reckling - P LAA [B]

110. Chase D'Arnaud - 2B/SS PIT [C+] - - not sure why John gave him a C+

111. Travis D'Arnaud - C TOR [B]

112. Randall Delgado - P ATL [B]

113. Trevor May - P PHI [B-] - - I'm listening.

114. Bobby Borchering - 3B ARI [B-] - - really intrigued, let's see what he can do

115. Noel Arguelles - P KC [C+] - - saw vid of him, liked it. love what's going down in KC right now

116. Jason Knapp - P CLE [B-]

117. Ben Revere - CF MIN [B]

118. Kyle Allen - P NYM [B-] - - saw him live, seems very underrated. loves to compete and play the game

119. Reymond Fuentes - CF BOS [B-] - - this is the kind of toolset that i like. very interesting

120. Brandon Allen - 1B ARI [B-]

121. Miguel Sano - SS MIN [C+]

122. Aaron Miller - P LAD [B]

123. Chad James - P FLA [B] - - could be huge. love the upside

124. Garrett Richards - P LAA [B]

125. Christian Bethancourt - C ATL [B-]

126. Everett Williams - CF SD [B] - - SD is stepping up its prospect game. nice tools

127. Mike Minor - P ATL [B-]

128. Rex Brothers - RP COL [B-] - - really love this arm. huge closer potential

129. Brandon Erbe - P BAL [B-]

130. Jon Niese - P NYM [B]

131. Wilson Ramos - C MIN [B-]

132. Eric Arnett - P MIL [B]

133. Anthony Rizzo - 1B BOS [B-]

134. Michael Main - P TEX [B]

135. Andrew Cashner - SP/RP CHC [B] - - reliever?

136. John Lamb - P KC [B-] - - my oh my, another lefty in KC.

137. Alex Liddi - 3B SEA [B-]

138. Anthony Capra - P OAK [C+] - - love the K/9. underrated

139. Daryl Jones - OF STL [B-] - - let's see you be healthy, dude

140. Brad Lincoln - P PIT [B-] - - looks like a serviceable starter, maybe more, should probably be higher

141. Chris Heisey - CF CIN [B]

142. Junichi Tazawa - P BOS [B-]

143. Jeurys Familia - P NYM [B-]

144. Adrian Cardenas - 2B OAK [B-]

145. Alex Torres - P TB [B-]

146. Phillipe Aumont - P PHI [B-] - - really unsure of this guy.

147. Logan Forsythe - 3B SD [B-]

148. Scott Elbert - RP/SP LAD [B-]

149. Carlos Carrasco - P CLE [B-]

150. Ryan Strieby - 1B/OF DET [B-] - - almost put Lucroy here, almost Hobgood. but I love dude's power bat


top teams:

KC: 9

TB: 8

BOS: 8

CLE: 8

NYM: 7

ATL: 7

SD: 7


honorable mentions:

Matt Hobgood - P BAL [B-]

Reese Havens - 2B NYM [B-]

Slade Heathcott - OF NYY [B-]

Gabriel Noriega - SS SEA [B-]

Nick Barnese - P TB [B-]

Tyson Gillies - CF PHI [C+]

Josh Lindblom - P LAD [B]

Peter Bourjos - OF LAA [B-]

Jonathan Lucroy - C MIL [B]

Max Stassi - C OAK [B-]


Most honorable mention:

Grant Desme - P CAT


by position:

C: 14

1B: 11

2B: 7

SS: 12

3B: 11

CF: 14

OF: 10

P: 71


pitchers: 71 { 42 in the 1-100 range, 29 in the 101-150 range}

hitters: 79


highest ranked:

A- : Mike Stanton [reasoning : power/ceiling]

B+: Domonic Brown [reasoning : toolshed/ceiling]

B : Aaron Crow [reasoning : stuff/readiness/ceiling]

B- : Reid Brignac [reasoning : power potential at SS/advanced defense]

C+: Jose Iglesias [reasoning : scouting reports/advanced defense/value]

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