Rookie Class of 2010 best prospect for future performance #22

Votes continued to be spread among a large number of candidates with a particularly low percentage of the overall vote going to this past round's winner, Neil Walker.  I think the general perception was that Ike Davis was probably the last really high ceiling guy with a fairly high chance of achieving that ceiling and now we are split between guys with lower ceilings and guys with higher ceilings but more of a long shot to get there.

Anyway, here is the voting for this past round.

Neil Walker 19%, Jonathon Niese 11%, Reid Brignac 11%, Tyler Colvin 11%, Michael Saunders 8%, Carlos Carrasco 6%, Jose Tabata 6%, Michael Leake 6%,  Jenrry Mejia 6%, Drew Storen 6%, John Jaso 4%, Jonny Venters 4% Danny Valencia 4%

One minor issue I do want to mention is that particularly for players who were added in as write in candidates, there were some ambiguous comments and even some +1s that I had to do some detective work on to determine if they were votes or not.  As an example, on the Jaso votes, there were a couple of +1s from people who also voted for others and it wasn't clear whether they were saying Jaso should be considered or actually voting for him. I, and I am sure those who will be running the community prospect poll, would greatly appreciate your making my/our lives as easy as possible in counting the vote by making sure that it is crystal clear whether you are voting or discussing.    

The current standings are now:

1. Jason Heyward, outfielder Atlanta Braves

2. Buster Posey, catcher San Francisco Giants

3. Stephen Strasburg, pitcher Washington Nationals

4. Carlos Santana, catcher Cleveland Indians

5. Michael Stanton, outfielder Florida Marlins

6. Madison Bumgarner, pitcher San Francisco Giants

7. Starlin Castro, shortstop Chicago Cubs

8. Brian Matusz, Pitcher Baltimore Orioles

9. Pedro Alvarez, third base, Pittsburgh Pirates

10. Neftali Feliz, pitcher, Texas Rangers

11. Logan Morrison, outfielder Florida Marlins

12. Jhoulys Chacin, pitcher Colorado Rockies 

13. Daniel Hudson, pitcher Arizona Diamondbacks

14. Justin Smoak, first base, Seattle Mariners

15. Jaime Garcia, pitcher St Louis Cardinals

16t. Austin Jackson, outfielder Detroit Tigers

16t. Ryan Kalish, outfielder, Boston Red Sox

16t. Wade Davis, pitcher Tampa Bay Rays

19. Ike Davis, first base, New York Mets

20. Travis Wood, pitcher Cincinnati Reds

21. Neil Walker, second base Pittsburgh Pirates

Based on last round's voting I am going to temporarily drop Alcides Escobar, Peter Bourjos and Jake Arrieta. This is probably the last round that I am going to be temporarily dropping players who get no support at all in a round, as if you don't get any votes in round 22 or later it would seem pretty unlikely that you are going to jump over 12 guys to win or even seriously compete for a win by round 27.

With Jaso, Storen, Venters and Valencia having all been nominated as write ins last round and all having received multiple votes I am going to keep all of them on the ballot which along with all those already on who received multiple votes last round, already brings us up to 12 on the ballot which is alot..  As a result, I am going to limit myself to bringing back just one player this round, Gaby Sanchez, who received a bit  of support when he was last on the ballot a few rounds ago.

Temporarily dropped players:  Mitch Moreland 0% (15), Michael Brantley 0%  (16) Brennan Boesch 0% (16), Brett Wallace 0% (19);  John Axford 0% (20), Josh Thole 0% (20), Alcides Escobar 0% (21), Peter Bourjos 0% (21), Jake Arrieta 0% (21)

.Players who I am planning on adding in the near future are Andrew Cashner, Alexi Ogando and Ian Desmond

Other players who I am considering, althought I may not get to them without some positive discussion, are  Chris Johnson, Kila Ka'aihue, Brooks Conrad, Alex Sanabia, Wilton Lopez and Sergio Santos.  If you want any of these guys added, or if you want anyone else added who isn't mentioned, please discuss below.  However, since we are probably only going 5 more rounds after this one, there isn't much point in seeking to add someone who you know you would never consider voting for by the 27th round.

As a reminder voting is by +1.

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