My top 15 Yankee prospects

Here is my list of the top 15 Yankee Prospects...Lets agree to disagree. =]

1. Jesus Montero- The dude can hit and hit for power. His defense sucks, but hopefully the yankees leave him in the minors long enough where he can at least become an average catcher. I mean if they can stomach Posada's defense why can't they live with his? Don't move him to dh or outfield right away!

2.Dellin Betances- This guy has always been oozing with potential, and it was a bummer when he got hurt. But he is finally healthy and showed dominance this season. One of my favorites.

3. Austin Romine- He struggled with offense this season and sucked at defense too. I had hoped he would become a viable choice at catcher if Montero got moved to another position, but now Im just hoping for anything. Still a young catcher and has a chance to improve.

4.Ivan Nova- Doesn't have over powering stuff but got the job done in  the minors. Hopefully with Vasquez leaving and perhaps Pettite retiring the yanks give him a shot at the 5th spot in the rotation.

5. Hector Noesi-

6. Adam Warren- Another guy who doesn't have over powering stuff, but knows how to pitch. One of my favorites.

7. Eduardo Nunez- I never thought highly of Nunez as a prospect, he never showed great offensive potential, but he does play good D, and can be a super utility guy for the yanks if the yanks discard ramiro pena.

8. Melky Mesa- This dude is just sexy with the potential he has. He has a great arm and tremendous power. But the downside is that he strikes out a lot. But the potential is jaw dropping. One of my favorites.

9. Brandon Laird- He would make for a decent third basemen in the majors, but arod is blocking him. Doesn't have the offensive numbers you would expect from a first basemen though.

10. Andrew Brackman- I didn't like it when the yanks choose him in the draft. I always thought they could do better. This was even before he sucked in the minors. But he does have somewhat potential even at his age. And he finally seems recovered fully from his tommy john surgery.

11. Gary Sanchez- Basically the second coming of Jesus Montero. Can hit but cant field.

12. Cito Culver- Didn't like this draft pick, but supposedly has a lot of potential. Very, very, very raw.

13. Ramon Flores- Had a good minor league season.

14. Slade Heathcott- Another draft pick I didn't like. Not because he wasn't good, just because I thought there were even better players. But oh well I'm not the scouting director. Struggled this season, but has a cool ass name at least.

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