the daveh top 40 8/9/09

I approach my lists as if I'm an MLB GM at a draft. I do of course take advanced leagues and ARL into account, but I lean heavily towards a "take the best player available" approach... So I often have younger/high upside players ranked higher than most. This is just something to keep in mind when you see an 18-year-old pitcher in low-A ranked above a 23-year-old slugger in AA.
One other thing I tend to favor is body-type. yes, there are always exceptions [the Lincecums, Oswalts, Pedroias], but it is not the norm, so I often tend to favor the taller/bigger/projectable types. 


None of the players on my list are in MLB as of 8/6/09 when I started double-checking rosters. So don't cry foul when you don't see Feliz, Matusz, and Tillman top 10, because they would have been.

1. Jason Heyward - OF [ATL]

  justin upton 2.0 .... i see no imperfections. its frightening. i'm in lust

2. Buster Posey - C [SF]

 as sure a bet to be a very productive hitter behind the plate as yr gonna find

3. Michael Stanton - OF [FLA]

upside power upside power. not quite as fireproof as Ja Hey tho.

4. Jesus Montero - DH/C [NYY]

 dat bat

5. Carlos Santana - C [CLE]

 this bat, behind the plate, is pure CASH

6. Dominic Brown - OF [PHI]

 he keeps improving... having no trouble adjusting to AA, and very projectable body. reminds me of fowler but with power

7. Justin Smoak - 1B [TEX]

 already looks like a professional hitter. no doubt his bat will play well at the next level.

8. Matt LaPorta - OF/1B [CLE]

he will hit. not sure why he's been dropping down lists... i almost put him ahead of smoak. reverse SNTS

9. Logan Morrison - 1B [FLA]

i am big on guys with plate discipline like this. as good a bet as any to average ~.380 OBP right away

10. Christian Friedrich - P [COL]

i wasn't expecting to like him this much. he rocketed up my board the more i read/watched from him. nice frame too

11. Desmond Jennings - OF [TB]

have to fly, have to fight, have to crow. gonna be the rufio to BOSSMAN's pan.

12. Kyle Drabek - P [PHI]

admittedly raised his stock the most at the futures game. i really liked what i saw

13. Wade Davis - P [TB]

seems like he's been around forever. great pitcher's body, would've ranked a bit higher with better numbers

14. Matthew Moore - P [TB]

 he's not being rushed... i'm pretty confident he could handle the fsl right now. he'll just have to dominate it next year

15. Martin Perez - P [TEX]

if this kid had a bigger frame he'd be about 5 spots higher. as it stands, he's an 18-yo lefty who strikes out 10/per9 in low-a

16. Jenrry Mejia - P [NYM]

i'm intrigued. show me more

17. Pedro Alvarez - 3B? [PIT]

admittedly didn't like his hacking at the futures game... but its one game, so i'll have to trust the numbers and scouts

18. Tim Beckham - SS [TB]

hitting doubles with regularity. needs work, but all the talent and the power potential is still there

19. Michael Taylor - OF [PHI]

big ol boy. but i'm quite sure dom brown was the reason the phils don't have halladay right now.

20. Jordan Lyles - P [HOU]

love love him. astros' brass did something very right

21. Lonnie Chisenhall - 3B/SS [CLE]

love the bat. a 20-yo slugging .490 and owning a .204 ISO in the carolina league ain't no joke

22. Hector Rondon - P [CLE]

he's 21, strikes out one/per in aa with a 2.51 fip, moves up to aaa now and hasn't lost a beat. very under-rated

23. Julio Teheran - P [ATL]

 is this ranking too agressive? I won't be surprised if he's top 20 on ba's list in 2010

24. Derek Norris - C [WAS]

huge ISOP in the sally-league for a catcher. huge. alvarez-huge. second to stanton-huge. and he has plate-discipline

25. Madison Bumgarner - P [SF]

jonathan mayo probably disagrees with this. lol. i need more from 'da bum' before i can justify ranking him higher

26. Yonder Alonso - 1B [CIN]

i haven't seen much but again i can't ignore the scouts. he will probably hit in cincy tho. anyone can

27. Jarrod Parker - P [ARZ]

would probably be 15 spots higher if not for a man named andrews being in his life right now. or andrews' associate, whatever, i don't feel good about it

28. Jaff Decker - OF [SD]

great name, great bat. 

29. Chris Carter - 1B [OAK]

dat ass. 

30. Nick Weglarz - OF [CLE]

he's got power and plate-discipline. and he's probably been a bit unlucky this year with a .258 babip. i was checking out his body [no homo] at the futures game... looks more athletic than people have been giving him credit for

31. Freddie Freeman - 1B [ATL]

gonna mash with his bro Ja Hey someday. someday soon. 

32. Brett Wallace - 3B [OAK]

lost a bit of luster after all the hype last year. 

33. Jason Knapp - P [CLE]

i just realized how ridiculous the tribe is gonna be in 2011

34. Casey Kelly - P?/SS? [BOS]

not sure where he's gonna play or how i feel about how he's being handled. but he is talented, very much so

35. Reid Brignac - SS [TB]

not sure if people forgot about him or just don't like cajuns, but i'll take him over escobar seven days of the week. still hitting doubles, and he's still lanky and young for his league

36. Eric Hosmer - 1B [KC]

waiting... to see something

37. Brad Holt - P [NYM]

i hear he's good. but aj burnett? :-)

38. Thomas Neal - 1B [SF]

big bat... can he dh in san fran? also, waiting to see how he does outside the cal league. 

39. Ryan Westmoreland - OF [BOS]

this was vitters' spot. but jeff francouer 2.0 is not as inviting as what this kid brings to the table.

40. Jeremy Hellickson - P [TB]

actually would take hellboy over vitters as well. seems to get lost in the tb shuffle. under-rated because of his size


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