I was wrong....

I recall a post similar to this last year or two years ago. Let's be honest, scouts are not always right. Some are better than others and they make a living off of this. For the most part this community is filled with super fans who dream of jobs in baseball. Sorry to burst any bubbles, but I sincerely doubt many of us will ever be paid to evaluate baseball players for a living. We all love to pat ourselves on the back for our successes. This is a chance for us to humble ourselves and admit our shortcomings,. Things I was wrong about-


#1- I thought Trevor Cahill was better prepared for the MLB than Brett Anderson. I also thought he was going to have a better career. Anderson has proven me wrong this year and at this point I expect him to have a better career than Cahill (not at knock on Cahill, I just thought he was better. I see Anderson as a potential #1 and Cahill as a 2/3 at this point.)

#2-I thought Ricky Romero would never be a productive MLB pitcher because of injuries. I am very impressed with him this year, he looks like a future #2 to me.

#3-I thought Dominc Brown and Michael Taylor would be all tools/no baseball skill Philly players who fizzed out in the minors. At this point I really believe in both of them.

#4- I never saw this coming from Mat Latos.

#5-I had a hunch the polish of Alderson would outshine the stuff of Bumgarner.

#6-I thought Brett Jackson would struggle from day one as a professional hitter.

#7-I thought Boras would prevent Strasburg and Matzek from signing (off topic, I know.)

#8-After his horrible start in AA I expected Pedro Alvarez was on his way to being a huge bust.

#9-I did not expect Neftali Feliz to be the best middle reliever in baseball in August 2009.

#10-Where the heck did Andrew Bailey come from?

#11-I expected Andrew McCutheon to struggle initially in the show.

#12-I thought (hoped) Michael Ynoa would be dominating Low A by now. (I am not giving up on him.)

#13-I thought Hosmer would mash no matter where he was.

#14-I thought the Verducci effect would take it's toll on Lincecum. (Quick props-this website has been so right about Timmy, he is an absolute stud.)

#15-I thought lack of strike zone judgement would catchup to Pablo Sandoval.

I am not afraid to admit, I have more than this. Let's hear it, who were you wrong about?

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