2009 Amateur Mock Draft 1st 3 Rounds!!!

I put a lot of thought into this and I think this is as good of a breakdown on the draft I can do.  I don't agree with all of these picks as I think some players are better than their draft status but this is simply a prediction of what I think could happen.  Please express any thoughts or additions you might have. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!




Round 1- Draft Order- Team- Pick

1. Nationals- Stephen Strasburg, RHP, SDSU

2. Mariners- Dustin Ackley, 1B/OF, UNC

3. Padres- Donavan Tate, OF, GA HS

4. Pirates- Aaron Crow, RHP, Missouri/Forth Worth

5. Orioles- Grant Green, SS, USC

6. Giants- Tanner Scheppers, RHP, Fresno State/St. Paul

7. Braves- Zack Wheeler, RHP, GA HS

8. Reds- Rex Brothers, LHP, Lipscomb

9. Tigers- Jacob Turner, RHP, Missouri HS

10. Nationals- Alex White, RHP, SP, UNC

11. Rockies- James Paxton, LHP, University of Kentucky

12. Royals- Kyle Gibson, RHP, University of Missouri

13. Athletics- Tyler Matzek, LHP, CA HS

14. Rangers- Shelby Miller, RHP, TX HS

15. Indians- Mike Leake, RHP, Arizona State University

16. Diamondbacks- Bobby Borchering, 3B, Florida HS

17. Diamondbacks- Tyler Skaggs, LHP, CA HS

18. Marlins- Matt Purke, LHP, TX HS

19. Cardinals- Chad James, LHP, OK HS

20. Blue Jays- Chris Dominguez, 3B, Louisville

21. Astros- Drew Storen, RHP, Stanford

22. Twins- Matt Hobgood, RHP, CA HS

23. White Sox- Jared Mitchell, OF, LSU

24. Angels- Rich Poythress, 1B, University of Georgia

25. Angels- Mike Minor, LHP, Vanderbilt

26. Brewers- Eric Arnett, RHP, University of Indiana

27. Mariners- Tony Sanchez, C, Boston College

28. Red Sox- Max Stassi, C, CA HS 

29. Yankees- Jiovanni Mier, SS, CA HS

30. Rays- Luke Bailey, C, GA HS

31. Cubs- Brian Goodwin, OF, NC HS

32. Rockies- Mike Trout, OF, NJ HS


Supplemental Round 1- Draft Order- Team- Pick

33. Mariners- Daniel Fields, SS, MI HS

34. Rockies- Alex Wilson, RHP, Texas A&M

35. Diamondbacks- D.J. LeMahieu, SS, LSU

36. Dodgers- Garrett Gould, RHP, Kansas HS

37. Blue Jays- Wil Myers, C, NC HS

38. White Sox- Kyle Heckathorn, RHP, Kennesaw State

39. Brewers- Matt Davidson, 3B, CA HS

40. Angels- Brett Jackson, OF, California

42. Angels- Sam Dyson, RHP University of South Carolina

43. Reds- David Renfroe, SS, MS HS

44. Rangers- Aaron Miller, LHP, Baylor

45. Diamondbacks- Brad Boxberger, RHP, USC  

46. Twins- Chad Jenkins, RHP, Kennesaw State

47. Brewers- Madison Younginer, RHP, SC HS

48. Angels- Ryan Berry, RHP, Rice

49. Pirates- Aaron Oliver, LHP, Oklahoma State

Round 2- Draft Order- Team- Pick

50. Nationals- Billy Bullock, RHP, Florida

51. Mariners- Brody Colvin, RHP, LA HS

52. Padres- A.J. Morris, RHP, Kansas St.

53. Pirates- A.J. Pollock, OF, Notre Dame

54. Orioles- Dan Mahoney, RHP, UConn

55. Giants- Tim Wheeler, OF, Sacramento State

56. Dodgers- Slade Heathcott, LHP, TX HS

57. Reds- Austin Maddox, C, FL HS

58. Tigers- Josh Phegley, C/DH, Indiana University

59. Rockies- Kent Matthes, OF, Alabama

60. Diamondbacks- Marc Krauss, 3B/1B, Ohio University

61. White Sox- Kentrail Davis, OF, Tennessee

62. Rangers- Victor Black, RHP, Dallas Baptist

63. Indians- Ryan Jackson, SS, Miami-Florida

64. Diamondbacks- Reymond Fuentes, OF, PR HS

65. Dodgers- Jason Kipnis, OF, Arizona State

66. Marlins- Keyvius Sampson, RHP, FL HS

67. Cardinals- Chris Owings, SS, SC HS

68. Blue Jays- Nick Franklin, SS, FL HS

69. Astros- Zach Von Rosenberg, RHP, LA HS

70. Twins- Jason Stoffel, RHP, Arizona

71. White Sox- Ben Paulsen, 1B, Clemson

72. Mets- Ryan Wheeler, 1B, Loyola Marymount

73. Brewers- Everett Williams, OF, TX HS

74. Brewers- Ben Tootle, RHP, Jackson State

75. Phillies- Kyle Seager, 3B, UNC

76. Yankees- Colton Cain, LHP/1B, TX HS

77. Red Sox- Devon Marrero, SS, FL HS

78. Rays- Jeff Malm, LHP, Nevada HS

79. Cubs- Mychal Givens, RHP/SS, FL HS

80. Angels- Jake Marinsnick, OF, CA HS 


Round 3- Draft Order- Team- Pick

81. Nationals- Matt BaShore, LHP, Indiana

82. Mariners- Justin Marks, LHP, Louisville

83. Padres- Kendal Volz, RHP, Baylor

84. Pirates- Mike Nesseth, RHP, Nebraska

85. Orioles- Jake Eliopoulos, LHP, Canada HS

86. Giants- Justin Schafer, SS, UC Davis

87. Braves- Matt Den Dekker, OF, Florida

88. Reds- Josh Turley, LHP, TX HS

89. Tigers- Angelo Songco, OF, Loyola Marymount

90. Rockies- Ryan Buch, RHP, Monmouth

91. Royals- Billy Hamilton, SS, MS HS

92. Athletics- Chris Dwyer, LHP, Clemson

93. Rangers- Brooks Raley, LHP, Texas A&M

94. Indians- Brian Pearl, RHP, Washington

95. Diamondbacks- Josh Spence, RHP, Arizona State

96. Dodgers- Daniel Bibona, LHP, UC Irvine

97. Marlins- Robbie Shields, SS, Florida Southern

98. Cardinals- Tyler Lyons, LHP, Oklahoma State

99. Blue Jays- Graham Stoneburner, RHP, Clemson

100. Astros- Blake Smith, OF, California

101. Twins- Steven Matz, LHP, NY HS

102. White Sox- Brad Stillings, RHP, Kent State

103. Mets- Carlos Ramirez, C, Arizona State

104. Blue Jays- Dustin Dickerson, 1B, Baylor

105. Brewers- Robbie Erlin, LHP, CA HS

106. Phillies- Kyle Bellamy, RHP, Miami

107. Red Sox- Jason Hagerty, 1B, Miami

108. Rays- Scott Bittle, RHP, Mississippi

109. Cubs- Evan Chambers, OF, FL HS

110. Angels- Jake Barrett, RHP, AZ HS


Supplemental Round 3- Draft Order- Team- Pick

 111. Astros- Ashur Tolliver, LHP, Oklahoma City



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