2009 Amateur Draft Mock #5 Supplemental Round

Once again, delays do happen.  The power went out and I've moved, so bad things tend to happen during those times.  Here's my supplemental round mock for the week:


33. Seattle - Matt Davidson, 3B, Yucaipa HS (CA) - I have a feeling that Davidson will sneak back up into the first round for my next mock, as national press seems to have him right up there with Bobby Borchering in terms of draft stock.  He's honestly not up to that level in my opinion, but I'm trying to place guys in terms of perceived draft stock.  Previously: #35.
34. Colorado - Eric Arnett, RHP, Indiana - I'm thinking it's a choice between Arnett, Kyle Heckathorn, Drew Storen, and Ben Tootle here.  Arnett seems to have the leg up over the others, so he's the choice.  Previously: #31.
35. Arizona - Everett Williams, OF, McCallum HS (TX) - If you've ever had to develop something on a limited budget, but with a lot of expensive parts, you know how difficult it can be.  That's the Diamondbacks' draft predicament this year.  Williams is a solid prep pick with upside who should sign.  Previously: #45.
36. Los Angeles (NL) - Mychal Givens, RHP/SS, Plant HS (FL) - Givens fits the mold of Logan White's position player acquisitions, but his upside is generally on the mound.  He's got a blazing fastball, but his large lack of polish is what brings him below the elite prep prospects in this draft.  Previously: #36.
37. Toronto - Drew Storen, RHP, Stanford - I had Billy Bullock here last week, but if Storen's available, there's no way Bullock goes over him.  I'm pretty sure Storen's solidified his position as the top relief prospect in the draft, making this pretty much his floor in terms of draft position.  Previously: #33.
38. Chicago (AL) - Kyle Heckathorn, RHP, Kennesaw State - There's some whispers that Heckathorn's teammate Chad Jenkins has leapt over him, even into the first round.  However, I still believe in Heckathorn's stock.  For now.  Previously: #34.
39. Milwaukee - Brooks Raley, LHP, Texas A&M - Unless the Brewers want to be poor, they'll have to go with an affordable pick somewhere along the way.  Raley offers decent upside as an athletic lefty.  Previously: #42.
40. Los Angeles (AL) - Brian Goodwin, OF, Rocky Mount HS (NC) - I think the Angels end up with one of Brian Goodwin or Jake Marisnick, possibly both.  Goodwin's a UNC recruit, so I don't know about his signability.  Previously: #40.
41. Arizona - Ben Tootle, RHP, Jacksonville State - Tootle offers significant upside for a college pick, but is less refined than most others.  In addition, the stigma of being a possible reliever in the long-run tanks his stock.  Previously: #44.
42. Los Angeles (AL) - Kendal Volz, RHP, Baylor - The Angels will also have to go with college players more than normal, as they can't afford to sign all prep players.  If the Angels can get out of Volz what he did in his sophomore year at Baylor, then this would be a steal.  Previously: #41.
43. Cincinnati - Tony Sanchez, C, Boston College - This is also a draft floor pick to me.  Sanchez could go as high as the first round, but seems likely to slip somewhere into the supplemental first.  This is the farthest he'll fall.  Previously: #38.
44. Texas - Joe Kelly, RHP, UC Riverside - Texas has a history with relievers in the later rounds of the draft, but I don't think they'll pass up on a big arm like Kelly's.  His fastball is as good as anyone's, and he's batting Billy Bullock for second-best relief prospect.  Previously: #46.
45. Arizona - Billy Bullock, RHP, Florida - Here's the run on relievers.  Last year it was in the first round, but I think it's more of a supplemental first round run to me this year.  Bullock's snuck up on people, but he's a quality reliever who can move fast.  Previously: #37.
46. Minnesota - Jason Stoffel, RHP, Arizona - Get the idea by now?  Stoffel's fallen farther than I ever expected him to, but he's still got a good arm in there somewhere.  There's some concern about his usage, and I fully agree.  Previously: #43.
47. Milwaukee - Brad Boxberger, RHP, USC - Boxberger's been generally underrated in this class, as he offers a nice assortment of stuff with a decent fastball.  He's not in the top tier of college pitchers, but he's awfully close.  Previously: #52.
48. Los Angeles (AL) - David Holmberg, LHP, Port Charlotte HS (FL) - When looking for a prep pitcher with good upside, look no farther than Florida.  Holmberg's had a solid senior season, neither helping nor hurting his draft stock.  Previously: #56.
49. Pittsburgh - Austin Maddox, C, Eagle's View Academy (FL) - Even though the word of the street is that Maddox's stock is falling, I still think a team is suckered into taking him early.  He's always been in the equation as a top prep catcher in this class.  Previously: #49.


The usual disclaimer: writeups on draft status going into the draft were a mixture of BA and PG unless otherwise noted.  Go to their sites for draft coverage.  They're awesome.

What do you think?

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