How about a package of Maine and Castillo for Zambrano?

As the Mets GM I propose the following for Carlos Zambrano ($17.75 mil)

Maine ($5 mil?) Castillo ($6 mil) Pagan ($0.75 mil)

Ruben Tejada/Reese Havens (both are B-/C+ 2B/SS prospects) Tejada will probably be Alberto Callaspo with more speed and Havens could flop or drop 25 HRs as a 2nd baseman.

And if necessary a C+ pitching prospect maybe an Eric Beaulac.

Revised proposal

Zambrano (17.75) and Miles (2.75) for

Maine (3.0 estimated arb) Castillo (6.0) Havens/Tejada, B- prospect OR 2 C+ prospects

John Maine can either slot in as the #4 man or they can convert him to the bullpen where many believe he can close. I think he will make a great set up man. As for Castillo, ehhh he may or may not be an upgrade, this would be perfect if he only had one year left on his contract. Assuming Bradley is traded somewhere else, I believe Reed Johnson and Pagan can make a solid platoon.

I think in all sports there are 3 levels of dissatisfaction with a player from the fans. They are unsatisfied, tired and phuck you. I believe Castillo was on phuck you last year now people are just tired of him. Some fans were unsatisfied with Zambranos behavior last year now they are tired of him. It would help for them to change scenery. If Castillo has an off year/drops any final out pop ups or Zambrano has any more tirades, their value will severely decrease for the teams holding them. I believe if Met fans got Zambrano they would be unsatisfied if they dont get Lackey and Cubs fans would be unsatisfied they had to take Castillo so what do you guys think?

Also does anyone else think its a good idea for the Mets to sign Andruw Jones? I think he can still be solid in LF or RF and emergency in CF and at the same time step in for Francoeur as the power righty in the lineup if Francoeur goes down. The only "power" righties the Mets have are Wright (I expect 25 HR) and Francoeur (I expect 20 HR). Jones might have a tad of motivation to play against the Braves.

Also one last thing. Murphy, Chris Carter and Evans let one of them bums play 1st base. Ill take my chances that one of them will be productive or a platoon will produce .250 20HR 75RBI from them. Re-sign Delgado if you really have to please dont go after Fielder or Gonzalez, the Mets need to wait out a year to see where they stand. They need to know who the real Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Pelfrey, Parnell, Martinez, Murphy and their prospects are before they decide on a direction. Be patient my fellow Mets fans. Vote no for Holliday/Bay.


1B Delgado/Carter


3B Wright

SS Reyes

LF Martinez/Jones

CF Beltran

RF Francouer

C Santos

1B Carter/Delgado

2B/SS Hernandez

3B Murphy

OF Reed

OF Jones/Martinez


1 Santana

2 Zambrano

3 Pelfrey

4 Niese/Perez

5 Perez/Penny/Sheets

MR Parnell

RHS Green

LHS Feliciano

MR Stokes


C Rodriguez

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