Oh the Mets and what will never happen

For most of you outside of the NY and immune to the hysteria of NY sports radio with callers who suggest the Mets "Package Luis Castillo, Daniel Murphy and a prospect for Joe Mauer or Miguel Cabrera" ---I envy you. It's at that point that I turn on the Ipod and turn off the radio.


So in reaction to my frustration with these illogical individuals that have become the laughing stock of most baseball fans, I give you my *perhaps* sensible wish for the Mets front office this offseason.


1) Make a push for Matt Holliday= Going by some calculations over at Drivelinemechanics, I think a contract in the range of 5 yrs, 90-100mil is fair (Holiday is not Teixeira and 18mil+/yr is what Carlos Beltran is making). I wouldn't go above 20 mil/yr 

2) Sign 2 SP's---preferably Rich Harden and Justin Duchsherer.  I pick these 2 because I believe that Harden's injury woes are behind him and is undervalued in the market and Duchsherer for the same reason. I sign them both for incentive laden contracts worth about 3-4 years. Harden's with a floor of 6 mil/yr and ceiling of 12mil/yr, Duke's with a floor of 4 mil/yr, and ceiling of 10 mil/yr.--------------Ideally the contracts would be a 3 year deal for both. Harden's worth about 32 mil. Duke's- 20 mil. 

3) Fill the bench with high wOBA and/or good fielding players. I think bringing in players such as Jamey Carroll, Scott Podsednik, and even Jason Giambi could help the team. 

4) Sign good fielding backup catcher that is not an A or B free agent--Ideally  Henry Blanco

5) Move Oliver Perez to the Bullpen

6) Sit Jeff Francoeur and start Angel Pagan --numbers speak for themselves, don't expect much argument over this. 

With these moves in mind the lineup would look like this:

Position/Name/Salary/wOBA/UZR above average/WAR  for 2009 (or 2008 if significantly injured in 09')...Also Catching stats are taken from calculations over at Driveline Mechanics (

(WAR, Fielding Numbers and wOBA is taken from, Salaries from Cot's baseball contracts and/or anticipated values)




C) Omir Santos 400k/298/ 2.4/1.0

1B) Daniel Murphy 400k/318/2.2/.6

2B) Luis Castillo 6mil/337/-10.4/1.6

SS) Jose Reyes 9mil/366/0/5.9   (08)

3B) David Wright 10mil/368/-10.4/3.4

LF) Matt Holiday 19mil/390/5.7/5.7

CF) Carlos Beltran 18.5mil/380/8.8/6.7 (08)

RF) Angel Pagan 400k/358/5.8/2.8


B) Jeff Francoeur ~4mil/313/-6.1/0

B) Jason Giambi (minor league contract) 400k/327/-5.5/-.2

B) Scott Podsednik  600k/338/-1.4/1.7

B) Jamey Carroll 800k/317/5.0/1.5

B) Henry Blanco 400k/310/5.7/1.2

B)  Nick Evans 400k/287/-3.1/-.5


Pitching stats are taken from Fangraphs. 


SP) Johan Santana 21mil/3.79/2.8

SP) Rich Harden 6mil/4.35/1.7

SP) Justin Duchsherer 4mil/3.69/3 (08)

SP) Mike Pelfrey 500k/4.39/1.8

SP) John Maine 3mil/4.57/.6


LR/Spot Starter) Jon Niese 400k/3.25/.6

MR) Sean Green 400k/4.42/-.1

MR) Bobby Parnell 400k/4.3/.5

MR) Pedro Feliciano ~1.8/3.55/.6

SU) Oliver Perez 12mil/6.40/-.8

CL) Francisco Rodriguez 11.5mil/4.01/.3


 Thoughts? Too ambitious?

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