Adam Dunn has no power about as logical a statement as saying Adam Dunn is a terrible LF

I know this won’t stop any of you foolish ones who criticize Adam Dunn’s outfield play from doing so – (this will just be for fun and my own benifit and whover else is entertained by it) – but there is a way to measure defense – a very BASIC one- its called, well i just call it the amount of plays a guy has made.

In 2008 Adam Dunn made 1.97 plays per game (per 9 innings) as a LF – the league average was 1.90!!

For Adam Dunn’s career he has made the same exact 1.97 plays per game, in 950 games out there – since 2001 when Dunn came into the league the league average for ML Lf’s is 1.93!!!

Do you understand what this means you idiots out there? Dunn was and has always been and was again last year an A-V-E-R-A-G-E major league LF. Do you understand that? ? He’s not a Gold Glover, He’s not GOOD, He’s not BAD, He’s certainly not a DH unless of course you wan’t to classify all of these Left Fielders  as Designated Hitters…

Pat Burrel 1.77 in 1185 games
Moises Alou 1.76 in 1244 games in LF
Luis Gonzalez 1.99 in 2418 games
Josh Willingham 1.76 in 371 games
Ryan Braun 1.95 in 149 games
Carlos Lee 1.98 in 1403 games
Jason Bay 1.97 in 740 games
Man-Ram 1.76 in 890 games in LF
Matt Holliday 1.92 in 687 games
Adam Lind 1.87 in 153 games
Carlos Quentin 1.83 in 135 games
Delmon Young 1.99 in 151 games

Endy Chavez, Alfonso Soriano, Randy Winn, Dave Roberts, Carl Crawford, Johnny Damon, Shannon Stewart, Jay Payton, Ben Francisco, Garett Anderson were/are significantly better than Dunn at catching the ball in Left Field over the years. they were ALL also more athletic players and were all able to play a decent CF at times during thier careers. Besides Soriano, Lee, and sometimes Anderson, NONE of them can put runs on the board like Dunn

The most interesting players on the top list are Holliday and Quentin. Both are damn good hitters like Dunn is, both are error-prone OF’s like Dunn who don’t throw particularily well but catch the balls near them and a few more. Enough to hold down jobs as average fielders who earn thier living with thier bats. Whats the difference?

Neither of them have to listen to MADE UP FANTASY BULLSHIT about how terrible of a Left Fielder they are!

He’s okay out there. Thats it. He isnt killing anybody. Would he more of an asset at 1b? Sure. Maybe. He just isn’t that bad of an outfielder folks

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