Warning: Homer (KC) Post

I don't know about the other Royals fans out there, but I kinda like the Royals top prospects, to the tune of Top 10 in the league....

1.  Mike Moustakas-After a slow start, he's showing the bat that everyone expected.  While he won't be an elite SS, I'm pretty sure that that's not unexpected.

2  Daniel Cortes- another guy who struggled at first but has quietly (as in he should be a Top 50 prospect), put up good numbers lately.

3.  Eric Hosmer-Widely thought of as an elite HS power bat, he gets his first showing in the Top 10- time will tell which way he moves on the list, but the potential is there.

4.  Carlos Rosa-Despite a bit of a high ARL, he's shown enough to have the upside of a #3 SP at the major league level.  doesn't have incredible velocity, but his secondary pitches give him 3-AVG+ offerings, and the FB has deceptive movement.

5.  Tim Melville- The guy wasn't ranked #1 on BA's HS rankings before the season for nothing.  I'm willing to chalk his senior season up to extenuating factors, like his mom, who is probably the parent who gets thrown out of the T-Ball game.  The skills are there, and he could develop into a #1 SP if everything goes right.  If everything doesn't go right, it was a pretty good gamble fr the Round and price(Brett Tomko cost 2.5 times as much).

6.  Danny Duffy- Yes, I'm surprised I don't have him higher, 19YO in Low-A,  over 11K/9, a 2.35 ERA and a 1.02 WHIP.  We should see him in High-A with a late call-up to AA next year if things continue to go as incredibly.  That said, I have a gut feeling that the callup to AA should be short, as I think rushing him would be bad- again, a gut feeling.

7.  Kila Ka'aihue- If you don't know about this guy yet, you haven't been on the internet since April...Big Power, Big BB:K, big long swing and a probability of fizzling quickly.  However, he has the best name (stole mine) and has a 1.098 OPS this year...33HR, 90 RBI, 92BB, 50K...The guy is putting up Playstation numbers, let's hope he can at least turn into what we thought Shealy would be....

8.  Blake Wood-I've always been a bit of a doubter on Wood.  Personally, I don't think his stuff will hold up at the major league level any more than Shawn Estes, Jason Bere, or Aaron Sele's stuff did.  I think KC will see a useful year or 2 out of him, and he'll become replacable.

9.  Matt Mitchell-This one may be surprising, but I really like the probability of him developing into a #4 SP.  Not great upside, but his pitch selection could make him sneaky.  If it was up to only my gut, he'd be ranked higher than Wood.

10. Joe Dickerson-31:48 BB;K ratio shows growth, Dickerson could put up Carl Crawford numbers in his prime


Just Missed:

Sam Runion-Youngster has a 11:40 K/IP ratio in Low-A...ouch

Edward Cegarra-Since his promotion, K's cut in 1/2, and everything else to the bad side.  Good news is he's 19 and in A+....He should spend at least the first half of next year there as well.

BlakeJohnson- I'm seein' Adam Eaton after surgery as a peak, let's hope I'm wrong.

Adrian Ortiz-21 YO in A+ now, larning the game, but raw speed is there, power will determine success though.



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