Around Cape Fear: First Base (Draft)

This isn't really finished, but I feel bad about leaving the catchers hanging out there for so long without any support. Don't want 'em drooping. Plus I want to try and stay ahead of Silver over at BP. (I wrote this list up before his article came out last week.) So we'll make a quick pass at first base. Please leave comments.

From my old top 100:

  • Daric Barton, OAK : one of my pets for this year.
  • Joey Votto, CIN : i still don't really feel like i know him.
  • ...
  • Lars Anderson, BOS : already has a bridge.
  • Chris Marrero, WAS : yep.
  • Chris Davis, TEX : i think of him kind of like if adam dunn and brandon wood had a kid. but is that good or bad?
  • ...
  • Andrew Lambo, LA : my new favorite toy. "what have we here?"
  • Nick Weglarz, CLE : some other people's favorite toy. the numbers are fairly rare for a teenager in full-season. that's rare on a seasonal level, not a once-in-a-decade level, of course; still.
  • Jordan Brown, CLE : this was too high. i don't know what i was thinking. wait, i remember: "just hit". he can. but he's not good enough. good candidate to get hubered.
  • Chris Carter II, OAK : i'm not *quite* sold on this one, but i don't feel justified in having a strong opinion yet. for now we can put him in a chain gang with lambo and weglarz.

  • Other candidates (quickly tiered):

  • Kyle Blanks, SD
  • ...
  • Matt Sweeney, ANA
  • Sean Doolittle, OAK
  • Chris Carter I, BOS : aka jordan brown IV
  • Juan Miranda, NYY
  • ...
  • Cody Johnson, ATL
  • Anthony Rizzo, BOS
  • Brandon Snyder, BAL
  • Freddie Freeman, ATL
  • Yohermyn Chavez, TOR
  • Kyle Orr, LA
  • ...
  • Michael Aubrey, CLE
  • Logan Morrison, FLA
  • Jeff Larish, DET

  • ... and a bunch of guys i don't really believe in at all...

  • Aaron Bates, BOS
  • Mark Hamilton, STL
  • Matt Whitney, CLE
  • Andrew D'Alessio, SF
  • Bryan Byrne, ARI
  • Lucas Duda, NYM
  • Rhyne Hughes, TB
  • Mike Carp, NYM
  • Eric Duncan, NYY
  • Gaby Sanchez, FLA
  • Kala Ka'aihue, ATL
  • Clint Robinson, KC

  • I feel like there are more. I haven't even scanned the BA book for missing links yet. Not sure I can get to 30 real guys though. With 1B it's so hard to clear the bar offensively, as is well known.

    I'm not ranking them quite yet; do throw out some other suggestions.

    EDIT: from the suggestion box:

  • Angel Villalona, SF - move to 1B sounds pretty official.
  • Beau Mills, CLE - what the hey, put him here.
  • Craig Cooper, SD
  • Chris Nash, CLE
  • Osvaldo Morales, STL
  • X
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