Around the Cape of Magellan: Catcher

I've been wanting for a while to do a position-by-position prospect rundown series, just to pass the time, and I'm finding the new system finely inspirational.

I figured calling it "Around the Horn" would be a cliche, so I'm going to call it "Around the Cape of Magellan". I know it's actually Cape Horn and the Straits of Magellan, but let's agree to ignore that.

So. Catchers. Here's how they shook out in the last version of my top 100 that I have on record, from January 17 (so says the last modified date on my laptop, anyway):

  • 5 - Matt Wieters, BAL - love him.
  • 28 - Geovany Soto, CHC - pretty much the best hitter in the minors last year; despite his age and the PCL, I mostly buy it.
  • 36 - Jeff Clement, SEA - was always skeptical, but some of the more recent reports on his zone control and contact ability have encouraged me.
  • 57 - Max Ramirez, TEX - this is pretty high, based on my "just hit" credo. but he's probably not really a catcher.
  • 58 - Jesus Montero, NYY - same basic deal.
  • 63 - Taylor Teagarden, TEX - galt's use of mike napoli as an offensive comp for his cal league numbers is sort of fascinating.
  • 68 - Hank Conger, ANA - i'm cooling on him a bit now with this shoulder injury thing.
  • 71 - JR Towles, HOU - not sure why i had him this low. i guess i read some stuff about flaws in his swing. we'll see.
  • 95 - Wilson Ramos, MIN - our up and comer.

    Others I'd listed in the holding tank:

  • Josh Donaldson, CHC
  • uh, i guess that's it.

    So who else is relevant? Some other catchers of note, divided into two groups, will follow.

    (EDITED thursday 3/20 10:31AM EST)

    group 1: "close and solid" (carlos ruiz division)

  • Bryan Anderson, STL
  • Mitch Canham, SD
  • John Jaso, TB
  • Lou Marson, PHI
  • Craig Tatum, CIN
  • Jonathan Lucroy, MIL
  • Ed Easley, ARI
  • James Skelton, DET
  • JP Arencibia, TOR - i hate him
  • Lars Davis, COL
  • Jackson Williams, SF
  • Matt McBride, CLE
  • Adam Moore, SEA

    group 2: "farther off and maybe awesome" (hank conger division)

  • Tyler Flowers, ATL - my latest "the guy" among catchers, supplanting ramos (who i still like, of course - he's just not the newest any more) - played more 1B last year due to injury, but can catch and can hit (supposedly)
  • Devin Mesoraco, CIN
  • Austin Romine, NYY
  • Travis d'Arnaud, PHI
  • Angel Salome, MIL
  • Mike McKenry, COL - hit well last year, don't know much else
  • Luis de la Cruz, STL
  • Max Sapp, HOU
  • Francisco Pena, NYM
  • Danny Rams, MIN - fascinating to me, as he's been described: 80 power + 80 arm + no other tools
  • Robinzon Diaz, TOR

    Got all that? So, ok. Here it comes:

    Wily Mo's Overall Top 30 Catchers (of Magellan)

    (EDITED thursday 3/20 10:31AM EST)

    1. Matt Wieters, BAL
    2. Geovany Soto, CHC
    3. Jeff Clement, SEA*
    4. JR Towles, HOU
    5. Taylor Teagarden, TEX+
    6. Wilson Ramos, MIN+
    7. Jesus Montero, NYY*
    8. Josh Donaldson, CHC
    9. Tyler Flowers, ATL
    10. Max Ramirez, TEX*
    11. Lou Marson, PHI+
    12. Mitch Canham, SD
    13. Craig Tatum, CIN+
    14. John Jaso, TB*
    15. Bryan Anderson, STL
    16. Hank Conger, ANA*
    17. Devin Mesoraco, CIN
    18. Austin Romine, NYY
    19. Jonathan Lucroy, MIL
    20. Ed Easley, ARI
    21. Travis d'Arnaud, PHI+
    22. Angel Salome, MIL
    23. Mike McKenry, COL
    24. James Skelton, DET
    25. Jackson Williams, SF+
    26. Francisco Pena, NYM
    27. Luis de la Cruz, STL
    28. Lars Davis, COL
    29. Matt McBride, CLE
    30. Danny Rams, MIN*
    * - particularly questionable to stick at C
    + - exceptionally likely to stick

    So, what's wrong with this? I really started making stuff up right around Canham or so.

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