OT: DrB's First Fantasy Draft-Followup

Well, I had my first fantasy draft last night.  Some of you may remember my earlier plea for help:

I want to thank everybody for the great advice.  Want to see what I did with it?  OK, I'll tell you anyway!  I drew the #5 draft slot.  I actually preferred a middle spot in a snake draft, although in retrospect, #3 might have been better.  More on that later......

Anyway, you already know about the lousy hand I was dealt in the keeper portion, so I won't bore you with all that again.  Here's my draft list with comments:

  1.  Magglio Ordonez-I figured Miggy Cabrera and probably Grady Sizemore would be gone.  I was hoping for Beej Upton, but he went at #3.  Ordonez was my second choice with Carlos Lee my third.  Can't really complain here.
  2.  Robinson Cano-  Upton, Cano and Brian Roberts were the class of a very thin 2B group.  Upton and Roberts were gone.  As a .300/20 HR/90/90 guy, Cano wouldn't be bad as an OF.  Plus, he still seems to be on the upward part of his career trajectory.  I had targeted Cano here and grabbed him.
  3.  Ryan Zimmerman-  This may have been a reach, but I didn't think there was a pitcher worth taking this high and the dropoff to the next tier of 3B was pretty steep.  Zim is still young, on an upward trajectory, and I think the new ballpark will help him.
  4.  Javier Vasquez-  I was going to take  Joe Mauer here, but momentarily lost track of my draft board, got disoriented and ended up having to make a hurried, last second pick.  Vasquez was on my short list for first pitcher to take and wouldn't have been available in round 5.
  5.  Brian McCann-  Catching was very thin at the top.  The 3 worth considering were Martin, Mauer, McCann and possibly Salty.  Marting and Mauer were gone.  I wanted Mauer, but McCann might turn out to be a better choice?
  6.  Matt Cain-  A run on pitchers had started.  Tim LIncecum was gone.  I had vowed to stay away from Giants pitchers because I don't think they will get very many wins.  I had a few decent choices here, but caved in and couldn't pass on my homeboy.
  7.  Brad Hawpe-  I was targeting Delmon Young, Corey Hart and Hunter Pence here.  There had been a run on young OF's and they were all gone.  Hawpe was the fallback guy on my draft board.  He probably has less upside, but could be the best of that bunch this year.
  8.  Yovani Gallardo-  I was a bit surprised Gallardo fell this far.  He may start the season on the DL, but the upside is so great, I'm happy to stash him for  a couple of weeks.
  9.  Chad Billingsley-  There are several Dodger fans in my league.  I thought Billz was their best pitcher in the second half last season.  I was shocked that he was still on the board.  One of my candidates for  a huge breakout.
  10.  Matt Garza-  I was going to take a closer here and they were dropping like flies, but I was surprised Garza fell this far and couldn't pass.
  11.  BJ Ryan-  I might have screwed up on the closers, but I just couldn't stop myself from loading up on young, high ceiling starters.  Ryan is coming off TJ and has to compete with Accardo for the closer role in Toronto, but from everything I've read, he will be the closer there if healthy.  If not, well, I'm probably not going to win many H2H's in saves anyway.
  12.  Brian Wilson- Another Giants homeboy.  Wilson looks like he's definitely winning the closer's job in ST.  He as the stuff to be lights out if he can control the strike zone.  He was on my target list as a late closer pick, so this one worked out.
  13.  Kevin Gregg- Not a fan, but he did get something like 47 saves with good peripherals last year.  I needed another closer and he was the only one left!  Probably at least as good a bet as Borowski or Chad Cordero who went earlier.
  14.  Billy Butler-  This is my favorite pick of my draft.  I had him targeted from the beginning, and I guessed right.  My friend told me he would have taken him in this round if I hadn't.
  15.  Justin Upton-  Strictly an upside pick here, but what an upside!  Milledge and Maybin were taken earlier.  I probably would have taken Upton even if they were still available.  Worst case scenario, I stash him on the bench and decide whether to make him a keeper in the offseason.
  16.  Yunel Escobar-  I thought I needed a multiple position IF as one of my utility guys.  Escobar is picking up where he left off last year in spring training and even showing some HR power.  I figure he's my SS if Tejada shrivels up from steroid withdrawl.
  17.  Ian Kennedy- Now we're getting to the bench players.   I guess I have a fetish for young SP's.  Will Kennedy beat out Mussina for the Yanks rotation?  Does anyone else think he just might put up better numbers than Hughes or Chamberalain?
  18.  JR Towles-  I was originally planning to let catcher slide and go for one of Soto, Towles or Suzuki late.  I ended up taking McCann early, but I like Towles upside and don't mind stashing him on the bench.  BTW, Soto was picked a few slots earlier.
  19.  Chase Headley-  I guess he's not a lock to make the Padres 25 man roster, but he's absolutely tearing up the Cactus League and they are going to have to make room for him, right?  Right?
  20.  Ubaldo Jimenez-  The love affair with young starters continues.  With all the closers taken, I figure I can pick up non-closer relievers off the scrap heap any day.
  21.  Kevin Correia-  I was determined to take Correia somewhere.  I thought he would be my #5 starter, but here he is at the end of my bench!  After Jonathan Sanchez' start yesterday,  Sanchez might have been a better pick here.
So here's my final roster, including the players I inherited:

C    Brian McCann
1B  Carlos Pena
2B  Robinson Cano
3B  Ryan Zimmerman
SS   Miguel Tejada
OF  Magglio Ordonez
OF  Brad Hawpe
OF  Aaron Rowand
IF   Billy Butler
UT Justin Upton
UT Yunel Escobar
SP  Javier Vasquez
SP  Matt Cain
SP  Chad Billingsley
SP  Yovani Gallardo
SP  Matt Garza
RP  BJ Ryan
RP  Brian Wilson
RP  Kevin Gregg
P    Orlando Hernandez
P    Hideki Okajima
B    JR Towles
B    Chase Headley
B    Ian Kennedy
B    Ubaldo Jimenez
B    Kevin Correia

So how do you think Dr B did in his first draft?  I was starting from a pretty big deficit from the keepers I inherited.  I figured I have no chance this year anyway.  My goal was to take young players with upside and try to improve my keeper list for next year.  

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