My League's MiLB Draft

Hey Guys,

Ive seen others do this so I thought it would be cool to post it here. My league is a 16 team league with a 7x7 scoring system.  Your normal five stats with OPS and Runs counting for the hitters and Holds and Quality Starts for the pitchers.  We had a completely random draft (once we snaked thru a round, the order would change randomly again).  We had a 40 Round MLB draft as well as a 40 round MiLB Draft.  

Just thought Id post this to see some of your reactions to good picks and not so good picks:

Round 1

1.1----New Castle Brown Ale - OF Justin Upton - ARI
1.2----Boulevard Wheat - OF Jay Bruce - CIN
1.3----New Castle via Dos Equis - SP Clayton Kershaw - LAD
1.4----Coors Original - CF Cameron Maybin - DET
1.5----Miller Genuine Draft - SP/RP Joba Chamberlain - NYY
1.6----Milwaukees Best Beasts - 3B Evan Longoria - TAM
1.7----Miller via Milwaukees Best Beasts via Bass Ale - CF Colby Rasmus - STL
1.8----Bob and Doug's Strange Brew - SP Clay Buccholz - BOS
1.9----Molson - CF Jacoby Ellsbury - BOS
1.10----Guinness - SS Reid Brignac - TAM
1.11----Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale - SP Homer Bailey - CIN
1.12----Fat Tire Ale - 3B Brandon Wood - LAA
1.13----Labbatt's - SP David Price - TAM
1.14----Budweiser - OF Adam Jones - SEA
1.15----Heineken - CF Andrew McCutchen - PIT
1.16----Old English 40's - OF Travis Snider - TOR

Round 2

2.1----Old English 40's - SP Jacob McGee - TAM
2.2----Heineken - SP Wil Inman - SD
2.3----Budweiser - OF Carlos Gomez - NYM
2.4----Labbatt's - SP Ian Kennedy - NYY
2.5----Miller Genuine Draft via Fat Tire Ale - 1B Daric Barton - OAK
2.6----Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale - OF Carlos Gonzalez - ARI
2.7----Guinness - SP Rick Porcello - DET
2.8----Molson - 3B Andy LaRoche - LAD
2.9----Bob and Doug's Strange Brew - 1B Joey Votto - CIN
2.10----Bass Ale - OF Shelley Duncan - NYY
2.11----New Castle Brown Ale via Milwaukees Best Beasts - SS Mike Moustakas - KC
2.12----Guinness via Miller Genuine Draft - C Matt Wieters - BAL
2.13----Coors Original - OF Jose Tabata - NYY
2.14----Bob and Dougs via Dos Equis Amber Ales - 3B/1B Angel Villalona - SF
2.15----Boulevard Wheat - 2B Matt Antonelli - SD
2.16----Dos Equis Amber Ale via New Castle Brown Ale - SP Johnny Cueto - CIN

Round 3

3.1----Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale - 3B Ian Stewart - COL
3.2----Budweiser - SP Chuck Lofgren - CLE
3.3----Molson - SP Franklin Morales - COL
3.4----Heineken - OF Austin Jackson - NYY
3.5----Dos Equis Amber Ale - LF Matt LaPorta - MIL
3.6----New Castle Brown Ale - SP Luke Hochevar - KC
3.7----Bob and Doug's Strange Brew - SP Adam Miller - CLE
3.8----Budweiser via Miller Genuine Draft - C Jeff Clement - SEA
3.9----Boulevard Wheat - SP Nick Adenhart - LAA
3.10----Labbatt's - OF Chris Marrero - WAS
3.11----Old English 40's - OF Fernando Martinez - NYM
3.12----Milwaukees Best Beasts - SP Scott Elbert - LAD
3.13----Coors Original - SP Wade Davis - TAM
3.14----Milwaukees Best via Guinness - SP Donald Veal - CHC
3.15----Fat Tire Ale - SS Elvis Andrus - TEX
3.16----Bass Ale - 3B Bill Rowell - BAL

Round 4

4.1----Bass Ale - SP Eric Hurley - TEX
4.2----Fat Tire Ale - 3B Chase Headley - SD
4.3----Guinness - SP Gio Gonzalez - CHW
4.4----Coors Original - 3B Josh Vitters - CHC
4.5----New Castle via Milwaukees Best - SP Greg Reynolds - COL
4.6----Old English 40's - OF Wladimir Balentin - SEA
4.7----Labbatt's - SP Troy Patton - HOU
4.8----Boulevard Wheat - SP Max Scherzer - ARI
4.9----Miller Genuine Draft - OF Jason Heyward - ATL
4.10----Bob and Doug's Strange Brew - C Geovanny Soto - CHC
4.11----Guinness via Milwuakees Best via New Castle - 1B Lars Anderson - BOS
4.12----Dos Equis Amber Ale - 1B Steve Pearce - PIT
4.13----Heineken - SS Carlos Triunfel SEA
4.14----Molson - SP Ross Detwiler WAS
4.15----Budweiser - SP Carlos Carrasco - PHI
4.16----Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale - SP Jair Jurrjens - ATL

Round 5

5.1----Milwakee Best via Bass Ale - RP Jonathan Meloan - LAD
5.2----Old English 40's - OF Jordan Schafer - ATL
5.3----Bob and Doug's Strange Brew - C J.R. Towles - HOU
5.4----Fat Tire Ale - C Taylor Teagarden - TEX
5.5----Coors Original - 2B/SS Adrian Cardenas - PHI
5.6----Molson - SS Jed Lowrie - BOS
5.7----Boulevard Wheat - OF Michael Bourn - HOU
5.8----Heineken - 3B Neil Walker - PIT
5.9----Milwaukee's Best via Miller Genuine Draft - SP Chris Volstad - FLA
5.10----Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale - SP Philip Humber - NYM
5.11----Budweiser - OF Brandon Jones - ATL
5.12----Bass Ale via Milwaukee - SP Jarrod Parker - ARI
5.13----New Castle Brown Ale - SP Jeff Niemann - TAM
5.14----Dos Equis Amber Ale - SP Madison Bumgarner - SF
5.15----Guinness - SP Justin Masterson - BOS
5.16----Labbatt's - 3B Beau Mills - CLE

Round 6

6.1----Labbatt's - SP Michael Bowden - BOS
6.2----Guinness - SP Fautino de los Santos - CHW
6.3----Dos Equis Amber Ale - SP Phillippe Aumont - SEA
6.4----New Castle Brown Ale - SP Deolis Guerrera - NYM
6.5----Milwaukees Best Beasts - RP Dellin Betences - NYY
6.6----Miller Genuine Draft via Budweiser - SP Gabriel Hernandez - FLA
6.7----Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale - OF Desmond Jennings - TAM
6.8----Miller Genuine Draft - OF Michael Burgess - WAS
6.9----Heineken - SS Oscar Tejada - BOS
6.10----Boulevard Wheat - SP Colin Balestar - WAS
6.11----Molson - 1B/OF Jordan Brown - CLE
6.12----Coors Original - SP Brett Anderson - ARI
6.13----Fat Tire Ale - SS - Chris Nelson - COL
6.14----Bob and Doug's Strange Brew - SP Julio Teheran - ATL
6.15----Old English 40's - SS Hector Gomez - COL
6.16----Bass Ale - SP Tyler Clippard - NYY

Round 7

7.1----Miller Genuine Draft via Fat Tire Ale - SS/2B Sean Rodriguez - LAA
7.2----Heineken - SP Jamie Garcia - STL
7.3----Coors Original - C Hank Conger - LAA
7.4----Milwaukees Best Beasts - SP Brandon Erbe - BAL
7.5----Boulevard Wheat - SS Chin-Lung Hu - LAD
7.6----Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale - OF Dexter Fowler - COL
7.7----New Castle Brown Ale - SP Tyler Robertson - MIN
7.8----Miller Genuine Draft via Budweiser - SP/RP Manny Parra - MIL
7.9----Old English 40's - SP Trevor Cahill - OAK
7.10----Milwaukee's Best via Miller Genuine Draft - SP Blake Beavan - TEX
7.11----Bob and Doug's Strange - OF Nate Schierholtz - SF
7.12----Dos Equis Amber Ale - SS Brent Lillibridge - ATL
7.13----Guinness - SP Chris Perez - STL
7.14----Bass Ale - SP Sean West - FLA
7.15----Molson - SP Radhames Liz - BAL
7.16----Labbatt's - SP Joe Savery - PHI

Round 8

8.1----Labbatt's - 3B Matt Dominguez - FLA
8.2----Molson - OF Ryan Royster - TAM
8.3----Bass Ale - SP Alan Horne - NYY
8.4----Guinness - OF Ryan Kalish - BOS
8.5----Dos Equis Amber Ale - SP Tim Alderson - SF
8.6----Bob and Doug's Strange Brew - OF Justin Maxwell - WAS
8.7----Miller Genuine Draft - SP Kasey Kiker - TEX
8.8----Old English 40's - SP Daniel Cortes - KC
8.9----Budweiser - SP Tommy Hanson - ATL
8.10----New Castle Brown Ale - SP Nick Hagadone - BOS
8.11----Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale - SP Aaron Poreda - CHW
8.12----Boulevard Wheat - OF Cedric Hunter - SD
8.13----Milwaukees Best Beasts - RP Casey Weathers - COL
8.14----Coors Original - 2B/OF Eric Patterson - CHC
8.15----Heineken - 3B Kevin Ahrens - TOR
8.16----Fat Tire Ale - CF Gorkys Hernandez - ATL

Round 9

9.1----Budweiser - C Bryan Anderson - STL
9.2----Coors Original - SP Glen Perkins - MIN
9.3----Old English 40's - OF Corey Brown - OAK
9.4----Fat Tire Ale - CF Josh Anderson - ATL
9.5----Molson - SP Cole Rohrbaugh - ATL
9.6----Boulevard Wheat - SP Kevin Mulvey - NYM
9.7----Bob and Doug's Strange Brew - SP Henry Sosa - SF
9.8----Bass Ale - OF Delwyn Young - LAD
9.9----Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale - 3B Chris Davis - TEX
9.10----Guinness - OF Tyler Colvin - CHC
9.11----New Castle Brown Ale - SP James McDonald - LAD
9.12----Dos Equis Amber Ale - OF Wendell Fairley - SF
9.13----Milwaukees Best Beasts - 1B Jeff Larish - DET
9.14----Labbatt's - 2B Nick Noonan - SF
9.15----Heineken - 1B Mike Carp - NYM
9.16----Miller via Fat Tire Ale via Miller Genuine Draft - 1B/OF Cody Johnson - ATL

Round 10

10.1----Miller Genuine Draft - 2B Chris Coghlan - FLA
10.2----Heineken - 1B Chris Parmalee - MIN
10.3----Labbatt's - SP Josh Smoker - WAS
10.4----Milwaukees Best Beasts - RP Kevin Whelan - NYY
10.5----Newcastle via Dos Equis Amber Ales - SP Brandon Hynick - COL
10.6----New Castle Brown Ale - 3B Wes Hodges - CLE
10.7----Guinness - SP Jeremy Hellickson - TB
10.8----Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale - SS Esmailyn Gonzalez - WAS
10.9----Bass Ale - SP Jeremy Jeffress - MIL
10.10----Bob and Doug's Strange Brew - SP Pat Misch - SF
10.11----Boulevard Wheat - SP Brett Sinkbeil - FLA
10.12----Molson - OF Aaron Cunningham - ARI
10.13----Miller via Fat Tire Ale - SP Matt Harrison - TEX
10.14----Old English 40's - SS Josh Horton - OAK
10.15----Coors Original - SP Humberto Sanchez - NYY
10.16----Budweiser - 2B German Duran - TEX

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