Dynasty League Opening

My apologies for posting this here but I am in a pinch. I need an owner to to take a team right away. We are starting our annual draft tomorrow and whoever takes the team needs to assess the situation asap. The way the draft works is simple. You will receive as many draft picks as you have open roster spots. This team is currently at the limit so again, immediate assessment is necessary. I have a spreadsheet with all of the top prospects etc.. (about a $500 value on the open market) so you won't have to waste time looking at who's not picked etc.. This team has 2 first round picks (#6 & #9) plus so it's in a very good draft position .. and finished mid pack last yr.

The constitution & roster can be found below. If you're interested please read it and get w/ me asap. ........


* 14 teams
Weekly scoring periods, starting on Mondays.

* 5x5 Categories : each weighted equally.
Scoring for Batting Categories
HR - Home Runs
OPS - On Base plus Slugging Pct
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
SB - Stolen Bases

Scoring for Pitching Categories
ERA - Earned Run Average
K - Strikeouts (Pitcher)
QS - Quality Starts
S - Saves
WHIP - Walks + Hits / Inning


Rosters must be made legal before the start of the regular season. The disabled list also opens. Check your league calendar for the exact dates.

Player Pool: AL and NL Players

* 16 hitters & 9 pitchers for a total of 25 total active players.
* hitters = 2xC, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, 2xDH, 6xOF
* pitchers = 6xSP, 3xRP

* 25 total bench players classified as minors (must be currently in the minors) or reserve, however you choose.

* 8 disabled players maximum. No player is allowed to be placed on the dl unless he is either marked as such by CBS or if the player has been officially placed on the dl. Sometimes CBS is not quick to update the player status. Usually, you can simply place your cursor over the red cross/hurt symbol and it will tell you if the player has been officially placed on the DL. The disabled list starts 1 week before the season starts. Check your league calendar for the exact date.

* All position players must have played at least 10 games at a position, either the previous season or the current season, to be eligible for that position.

* If a player was inactive for whatever reason the previous year(s) whether that be the disabled list or benched before he is eligible for any position, per league standard, the current years eligibility defaults to the last year he was position eligible.

* If a player has played multiple positions but has never qualified at any position, per league standard, that player would be allowed to play any position he has played until he qualifies. At this point he will not be allowed to play any other position until he qualifies at that position.

* RP/SP Eligibility rule is simple and is as follows. If a pitcher is pitching in relief then he can be used as a RP. If he is in the rotation then he must be used as a SP. Example... Kerry Wood comes off the dl and goes to the pen. He is eligible as a RP. Once he goes into the rotation he must be changed to a SP.

* Players drafted during the 2009 season as well as players who haven't signed their first major league contract by opening day cannot be claimed. They are saved for the following years draft.

* If a player has been put in an ineligible position the commissioner will attempt to maneuver a legal roster. If this cannot be achieved the player(s) will be removed for the week. Retro-active if necessary.

* Any player sent to the minor leagues or the disabled list must be removed by the next scoring period. Obviously, there is leaway here for players coming off the dl. However, a minor leaguer must be officially brought up before he is placed on the active roster.

* In the best interests of the league the commissioner reserves the right to take action if any of these guidelines are not followed properly. This will especially be the case with repeat offenders.

* Lineups are set once for the start of each period. Deadline is 30 minutes before gametime on the first day of the period.

* Waivers period begins approximately one week prior to opening day. The exact date tbd.

* Any player can be dropped at any time.

* Waivers will be held 3 times per week. They will run at 1:00 A.M. on Monday, Thursday & Saturday.

* If you wish to add an unlisted player simply message me and I will assign a player to draft as a place marker. I will message you the morning after waivers run and ask you for the name of the player you wish to add. Do not let anyone (including myself) know who that player is until I message you as there may be other owners after the same player including myself. If anyone else is claiming an unlisted player and is higher up the waivers order the name of that player will be included in my message.


* Any player who has not appeared in at least one major league game by midnight, June 1st cannot be added. These players will be saved for the following year's draft.
* All teams have until 11:59 P.M., August 28th to complete any deals.

* September 8th at 1:00 A.M. ... However, player releases are allowed at any time.

* Any player who is on the dl must be taken off so that all benches can be trimmed to league standards by no later than noon, October 10th. If this deadline is not met the commissioner will back track and release the amount of players necessary to conform to league specs based on the order of election. Last in, first out.


Draft Order:
* The rotation will be 4-18, 3-1 for round 1 only. All subsequent rounds will be 18-1.

Draft Picks:
* You will receive a draft pick for every open roster spot available. The final date to make roster spots available for the draft will be tbd.

* Any player can be drafted. However, they must be signed to a major league contract before the start of the season or they must be released.

1st Place - $175
2nd Place - $75
3rd Place - $40


Barajas, Rod C
McCann, Brian C
Gonzalez, Adrian 1B
Utley, Chase 2B
Aybar, Willy 3B
Escobar, Yunel SS
Matsui, Kazuo MI
LaRoche, Adam A. CI
Ellsbury, Jacoby OF
Holliday, Matt OF
Lind, Adam OF
Maybin, Cameron OF
Sizemore, Grady OF
Sweeney, Ryan OF
Cuddyer, Michael DH
Millar, Kevin DH

Campillo, Jorge SP
Gallardo, Yovani SP
Jurrjens, Jair SP
Kazmir, Scott SP
Nolasco, Ricky SP
Shields, James SP
Arredondo, Jose RP
Hanrahan, Joel RP
Torres, Salomon RP

Barfield, Josh 2B
Vazquez, Ramon 3B
Cedeno, Ronny SS
Mather, Joe LF
Anderson, Bryan D. C
Conger, Hank C
Towles, J.R. C
Blanks, Kyle 1B
Villalona, Angel 3B
Dominguez, Matthew 3B
Vitters, Josh 3B
Tejada, Ruben SS
Johnson, Cody OF
Tabata, Jose OF

Litsch, Jesse SP
Morton, Charlie SP
Bell, Heath RP
Buchholz, Taylor RP
Johnson, Jim R. RP
Masterson, Justin SP
Samardzija, Jeff RP
Bailey, Homer SP
Brackman, Andrew SP
Inman, William SP
Smoker, Josh RP


 NOTE: I am also looking for14 or so owners for a new league drafting in January. It will be the same basic format as this one only the scoring will be H2H with a points system.



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