DMB keeper league -- draft recap

I'm in my second year in a DMB keeper league with salaries and minor league systems. The draft lasts just 5 rounds, and basically everyone is eligible to be drafted except players still in high school and international free agents who haven't been playing in a system for at least a year (so, Inoa and Flores and Teheran are not eligible for our draft, but Strasburg is, and Alvarez/Smoak/Matusz were already drafted).

I think it may have actually taken 6 months for the draft to occur, so there are some picks that seem odd now, such as Holland and Carlos Santana falling as far as they did, but this was mostly due to a month or so lag in the draft. 

Anyway, I'm always curious to see how things go in fantasy drafts, which is one of the best ways of gauging perceived value.

Round 1

1 Pittsburgh - Tim Beckham, SS, Griffin HS, Tampa Bay Rays
2 Texas - Buster Posey, C, Florida St, SF Giants
3 Baltimore - Gordon Beckham, SS, Georgia

4 Colorado - Stephen Strasburg, RHP, San Diego State
5 Philadelphia - Yonder Alonso, 1B, Miami University
6 Philadelphia - Kyle Skipworth C, Patriot HS

7 Pittsburgh - Jhoulyls Chacin, P, Rockies Org.
8 Houston - Nick Blackburn, SP, Twins Org.
9 Minnesota - Alcides Escobar, SS, Brewers Org

10 Atlanta - Eric Hosmer, 1B, Royals Org
11 Washington - Jason Castro, C, Stanford U
12 Toronto - Jason Donald, SS, Phillies Org

13 Baltimore - Daryl Thompson, SP, Reds Org
14 Oakland - Michael Saunders, OF, Mariners org.
15 Colorado - Jesus Montero, C, Yankees Organization

16 Chicago (N) - Christian Friedrich, SP, Eastern Kentucky, Rockies org
17 Colorado - Ethan Martin, SP, Dodgers Org
18 Cleveland - Aaron Hicks, OF, Wilson HS, Twins Org

19 Detroit - Brett Lawrie, C, Brookswood, Brewers Org
20 Texas - Todd Frazier, SS, Reds Org
21 Minnesota - Mike Stanton, OF, Marlins Org

22 Kansas City - Luke Hughes, 3b, Twins Org
23 Texas - Jess Todd, SP, Cardinals Org
24 Colorado - Henry Rodriguez, SP, Oakland Org

25 Arizona - Brandon Hicks, SS, Braves Org
26 San Francisco - Alex White, RHP, NC
27 Anaheim - Kyle Gibson, SP, U. of Missouri

28 Cincinnati - Engel Beltre, OF, Rangers Org
29 Houston - Jordan Zimmermann, RHP, Nationals Org
30 Chicago (A) - Fautino De Los Santos, P, White Sox Org.

Supplemental 1st round

1.A Toronto - David Huff, SP, Indians Org
1.B Philly - Josh Reddick, OF, Red Sox Org
1.C Houston - Logan Morrison, 1B, FLO

1.D Colorado - Gerrit Cole, SP, Orange Lutheran HS, Yankees Org
1.E San Diego - David "Reese" Havens, SS, Mets Org
1.F Chicago Cubs - Sean Doolittle, 1b, A's Org

1.G Arizona - Anonio Bastardo, SP, Phil's Org
1.H Texas - Jake Arrieta ,SP, Orioles Org
1.I Florida - David Robertson, RP, Yankees Org

1.K New York Yankees - Kelvin De la cruz, SP, Indians Org
1.L Baltimore - Tanner Scheppers, RHP, Fresno State, Pirates Org
1.M Arizona - Lou Marson, C, Phillies Org

1.N Texas - David Cooper - 1B, Toronto Blue Jays org
1.O Florida - Jared Burton, RP, Reds Org
1.P Baltimore - Shooter Hunt, SP, Tulane, Twins org

1.Q Arizona - Grant Green, SS, USC
1.R Florida - Neftali Soto, 3B, Reds Org

2nd round

1 Boston - Freddie Freeman, 1B, Braves Org.
2 Kansas City - Brad Holt, RHP, Mets Org.
3 St Louis - Allan Dykstra, 1B, Wake Forest

4 Toronto - Jon Jay, OF, Cardinals Org.
5 Philadelphia - Jonathon Niese, LHP, Mets Org
6 Washington - Kyle Lobstein, LHP, Coconino HS

7 Pittsburgh - Emilio Bonifacio, 2b, Nationals Org.
8 Houston - Armando Galarraga, RHP, Tigers Org.
9 Colorado - Tim Melville, RHP, Holt HS, Royals Org

10 Atlanta - David Hernandez, P, Orlioles Org
11 New York (N) - Edward Cegarra, RHP, Royals Org
12 Seattle - Josh Donaldson, C, A's Org

13 Chicago (A) - Ryan Perry, P, U. of Arizona
14 Oakland - Carlos Rosa, SP, Royals Org
15 San Diego - Casey Kelly, SS - Sarasota HS (FL)

16 Chicago (N) - Jonathan Lucroy, C, Brewers Org
17 Los Angeles - Chris Hernandez, LHP, Miami
18 Cleveland - Andrew Cashner, rhp, Texas Christian

19 Detroit - Connor Gillaspie, 3b, Wichita St U
20 Milwaukee - Lonnie Chisenhall, SS, Indians org
21 Arizona - Vin Mazzaro, P, Athletics Org

22 Tampa Bay - Mike Aviles, SS, Royals Org.
23 Texas - Joshua Fields, RHP, Seattle Mariners
24 Minnesota - Jose Ceda, P, Cubs Org

25 Florida - Oscar Tejeda, SS, Red Sox
26 San Francisco - Zach Collier, OF, Phillies Org
27 Anaheim - Anthony Hewitt, SS, Phillies Org

28 Cincinnati - Chris (Vernon) Carter, 1B, Oakland A's
29 New York (A) - Hector Rondon, RHP, Indians Org
30 Baltimore - Cody Satterwhite, SP, Tigers Org

Round 3

1 Boston - Esmailyn Gonzalez, SS, Nationals Org
2 Kansas City - Jacob Odorizzi, RHP, Highland HS (IL)
3 St Louis - Daniel Schlereth, LHP, Diamondbacks Org

4 Toronto - Brad Ziegler, RP, Athletics Org
5 Philadelphia - Ryan Kalish, OF, Red Sox Org
6 Washington - Tyler Ladendorf, SS, Twins Org

7 Pittsburgh - Pablo Sandoval, C/1B, Giants Org.
8 Houston - Jorge Campillo, SP, Cardinals Org.
9 Colorado - Greg Halman, OF, Mariners Org.

10 Atlanta - Ryan Jackson, SS Miami University
11 New York (N) - Ryan Flaherty, SS, Cubs Org
12 Seattle - Felipe Paulino, RHP, Astros Org

13 Chicago (A) - Eric Thames, OF, Pepperdine
14 Oakland - Matthew Buschmann, SP, Padres org
15 San Diego - Mike Montgomery, LHP, Hart HS, Royals Org

16 Chicago (N) - Scott Campbell, 2B, Blue Jays Org
17 Los Angeles - Blake Dean, OF, LSU Tigers
18 Cleveland - Carlos Gutierrez, RHP, Twins Org

19 Detroit - Eddie Kunz, P, Mets Org.
20 Milwaukee - Lance Lynn, SP, Cardinals Org
21 Arizona - Brad Bergeson, RHP, Orioles Org

22 Tampa Bay - Peter Bourjos, OF, Angels Org
23 Texas - Kyle McClellan, RP, Cardinals Org
24 Minnesota - Ryan Tucker, P, Marlins Org

25 Florida - Nick Evans, 1B, Mets org.
26 San Francisco - Derek Holland, SP, Rangers Org.
27 Anaheim - Carlos Santana, C, Indians org

28 Cincinnati - Wilson Ramos, C, Minnesota Twins
29 New York (A) - Matthew Joyce, OF, Tigers org
30 Baltimore - Brett Hunter, SP, Pepperdine/A's

Round 4

1 Seattle - Nick Barnese, RHP, TB org
2 Houston - Zach McAllister, SP, NYY
3 St Louis - Evan Frederickson, LHP, Brewers Org

4 Toronto - Pat Venditte, P, Yankees Organization
5 Philadelphia - Daniel Murphy, UT, Mets Org
6 Detroit - Chris Dickerson, LF, Reds Org.

7 Seattle - Wilmer Font, RHP, Rangers org
8 Houston - Ben Francisco, OF, Indians org
9 Pittsburgh - Neil Ramirez, P, Rangers Org.

10 Philadelphia - Tyler Flowers, C, Braves Org
11 Kansas City - Danny Espinosa, SS, Nationals Org
12 Houston - Caleb Gindl, OF, Brewers org.

13 Seattle - James Darnell, 3B, Padres org
14 Oakland - Trevor Reckling, LHP, Angels org.
15 Toronto - Shelby Ford, 2B, Pirates Org

16 Chicago (N) - Michael Taylor, OF, Phillies org
17 Baltimore - Andrew Oliver, SP, Oklahoma St.
18 San Francisco - Josh Lindblom, SP, Dodgers Org

19 Seattle - Adam Moore, C, Sea org
20 Milwaukee - Jordan Lyles, SP, Astros org
21 Kansas City - Destin Hood, OF, St Pauls Episcopal HS (AL), Nationals Org.

22 Cincinnati - Michael Pineda, SP, Mariners Org.
23 Baltimore - Jordy Mercer, ss, Oklahoma St., Pirates Org
24 Cincinatti - Daryl Jones, OF, St. Louis Cardinals

25 Cincinnati - Kila Ka’aihue, 1B, Royals Org
26 San Francisco - Brett DeVall, LHP, Braves org.
27 Philadelphia - Carlos Rivero, SS, Indians Org

28 Seattle - Cale Iorg, SS, Tigers org
29 Seattle - Justin Maxwell, OF, Nationals org
30 Houston - Alfredo Aceves, SP, Yankees Org

5.01 Boston - Jeff Locke, LHP, Braves Org.
5.02 Houston - Jesse Carlson, RP, TO
5.03 St Louis - Wade Miley, LHP, Diamondbacks Org.

5.04 Toronto - Ryan Strieby, 1B, Tigers Org
5.05 Philadelphia - Juan Ramirez, RHP, Mariners Org
5.06 Detroit - Brandon Douglas, SS, Tigers Org.

5.07 Baltimore - SKIP
5.08 Houston - Sharon Martis, SP, Nationals Org
5.09 Colorado - Mike Minor, LHP, Vanderbilt

5.10 Cincinnati - Marcus Lemon, SS, Rangers org
5.11 Seattle - Michael Olt, SS, UConn
5.12 Baltimore - SKIP

5.13 Los Angeles - Scott Woodward, 3B, Coastal Carolina
5.14 Oakland - David Freese, 3B, Cardinals org.
5.15 Minnesota - Jose Martinez, OF, white sox Org

5.16 Chicago (N) - Brad Mills, LHP, Blue Jays org
5.17 New York (N) - Jason Motte, RP, STL org
5.18 Cleveland

5.19 Cincinnati - Martin Perez, SP, Rangers org
5.20 Milwaukee - John Raynor, OF, Marlins org
5.21 Arizona - Craig Italiano, SP, Athletics org

5.22 Seattle - Robbie Shields, SS, FLA Southern
5.23 Minnesota - Dennis Raben, OF Seattle Org
5.24 Cincinnati - Matt Moore, SP, Rays

5.25 Cincinnati - Justin Jackson, SS, Blue Jays
5.26 San Francisco - Ross Seaton, RHP, HOU Org
5.27 Philadelphia - Kendal Volz, RHP, Baylor

5.28 Cincinnati - Wilin Rosario, C, Rockies Org
5.29 Cincinnati - Nick Hagadone, SP, Red Sox Org
5.30 Oakland - Mike McKenry, C, Rockies org

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