Community ranking synthesis - call for Top 100 lists

Hello everyone,

I have volunteered to collect people's Top 100 and report back to you with the results.  This will be a useful list on its own, as well as interesting to compare to our Community Top 100 and other lists.

The most onerous part of this process is not going to be computing the actual numbers, but rather organizing the files that everyone submits.  My experience doing this for other sites is that this is by far the biggest headache.  Therefore, I am asking you to submit with some fairly strict (but simple) requirements.  If you do this, your list makes it into the mix.  If you don't, I may be able to fix it, or I may just chuck it.  I'm not going to assess any kind of "User name requirement" such as seniority on this board or anything - rather, the organization of your list will be the chief criteria I use in accepting the submissions.  (I will, however, reserve the right to throw away a list that is obviously from a sabateur.) Can we all live with that?

If you submit your list in Microsoft Excel (preferred), I need you to save it for pre-2007 version (e.g., XLS 2003).  I also need it to be a simple list of three columns - one for the rank, one for the last name, and one for the first name.  Please do not list position, team name, or anything else.  This should look like the following:

1 Bruce Jay

2 Longoria Evan

3 Rasmus Colby

If you don't have Excel, you can send it as a text tile, saved as RTF format.  If you do this, please list as Numerical rank, followed by a space, followed by last name, followed by a comma, followed by a space, followed by the first name.  This will create a list that looks like this:

1 Bruce, Jay

2 Longoria, Evan

3 Rasmus, Colby

(Please do not submit a list that looks like this:

1. Bruce, Jay

or this

1 Jay Bruce

or this

1  Bruce,   Jay)

Some other requirements:

  1. If you submit in XLS, BE SURE to save it as XL 2003.  Each layer should be on a separate row, and all rows should be consecutive (e.g., 50 rows for 50 players).  If you don't have Excel, try it as a list in rich text format (rtf).
  2. Send the file to me at: Siddfynch AT (note that this is NOT the email address found in my settings on this site).
  3. In the file name, be sure to include the username you use on this site (e.g., "top50list from Siddfynch")
  4. You MUST spell the names of all the players completely and correctly.  Do not send me "Moose" as an entry, or 'Mike Moostakas".  I'm willing to spend a little time fixing typos and spelling errors, but not a whole lot.  If your entry is chock full of errors, it makes it tough.  Be extra careful with the use of "s" and "z" in Latin American names.  Note that I do this myself with BA and BP and John's list each year, and they NEVER have typos in the names - it's not hard to avoid, with a little effort.

Time span

I've got a great window of time from Dec 16 to work on this.  Our own Commuity list will be done by then, and many other sites will be well into their reporting season, which means plenty of resources out there for informing our rankings.  Thus, I am proposing the following:

  1. Call for submissions: Now
  2. Deadline for submissions: Dec16
  3. My report back to you:  January 3 (faster, if the files are clean)

List size and player eligibility

After reading the initial comments, let's make it a Top 100.  You can submit more if you choose.

Let's make eligibility based simply on:

1) a max of 50IP or 130 ABs in the majors (e.g., don't worry about service time)

2) a player has to have been either drafted or already in a major league program (e.g., no Stephen Strasbourgs)



I won't be checking that email account very often in the next week or so, so it's generally better to post questions/comments/complaints in this thread than by email to me directly.  Thanks.


Happy ranking,







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