Top 50 Young Prospects

I've been wanting to put together a list like this far a while; it's basically my working list of the top young prospects.  I'm defining young as 20 or under, so the cut-off birth date for the list is 9/1/86.

I just put this together this evening, so I'm certain there is a myriad of prospects I'm missing.  On 07 draftees, I've worked into the list those players who have made some sort of impact with their performance on me this year.

Suggestions and critiques are very much desired here.  This could be a forum for people to suggest very young, high-ceiling guys from their favorite organization that are still flying under the radar.  I've put a couple of my pet young prospects on here, like Peter Bourjos, Ryan Kalish, Chris Carter, Neftali Feliz and Juan Ramirez.

This is also a pretty idiosyncratic list once you get past the top 20 or so; I like lists that aggressively rank players that haven't yet had a consensus formed on them, so I've done that with people like Hector Gomez, Jordan Schafer, Michael Burgess, Zach Braddock and others.

1.    Justin Upton, CF, ARI, 8/25/87
2.    Jay Bruce, OF, CIN, 4/03/87
3.    Clayton Kershaw, SP, LAD, 3/19/88
4.    Chris Marrero, OF, WAS, 7/02/88
5.    Cameron Maybin, CF, DET, 4/04/87
6.    Travis Snider, OF, TOR, 2/02/88
7.    Carlos Triunfel, SS, SEA, 2/27/90
8.    Deolis Guerra, SP, NYM 4/17/89
9.    Fernando Martinez, OF, NYM, 10/10/88
10.    Lars Anderson, 1B, BOS, 9/25/87
11.    Bill Rowell, 3B, BAL, 9/10/88
12.    Carlos Carrasco, SP, PHI, 3/21/87
13.    Jose Tabata, OF, NYY, 8/12/88
14.    Andrew McCutchen, CF, PIT, 10/10/86
15.    Brett Anderson, SP, ARI, 2/01/88
16.    Dellin Betances, SP, NYY, 3/23/88
17.    Hank Conger, C, LAA, 1/29/88
18.    Bryan Anderson, C, STL, 12/16/86
19.    Angel Villalona, 3B, SF, 8/13/90
20.    Adrian Cardenas, 2B, PHI, 10/10/87
21.    Kasey Kiker, SP, TEX, 11/19/87
22.    Michael Burgess, OF, WAS, 10/20/88
23.    Jeremy Hellickson, SP, TB, 4/08/87
24.    Hector Gomez, SS, COL, 3/05/88
25.    Jordan Schafer, CF, ATL, 9/04/86
26.    Desmond Jennings, CF, TB, 10/30/86
27.    Gorkys Hernandez, CF, DET, 9/07/87
28.    Chris Parmelee, OF, MIN, 2/24/88
29.    Elvis Andrus, SS, TEX, 8/26/88
30.    Zach Braddock, SP, MIL, 8/23/87
31.    Gerardo Parra, OF, ARI, 5/06/87
32.    Josh Bell, 3B, LAD, 11/13/86
33.    Tyler Robertson, SP, MIN, 12/23/87
34.    Neftali Feliz, P, ATL, 5/02/88
35.    Cedric Hunter, CF, SD, 3/10/88
36.    Chris Carter, 1B, CHW, 12/18/86
37.    Kyle Blanks, 1B, SD, 9/11/86
38.    Nick Noonan, 2B, SF, 5/04/89
39.    Ryan Kalish, OF, BOS, 3/28/88
40.    Trevor Cahill, SP, OAK, 3/11/88
41.    Dan Duffy, P, KC, 12/21/88
42.    Austin Jackson, OF, NYY, 2/01/87
43.    Peter Bourjos, CF, LAA, 3/31/87
44.    Cole Rohrbrough, SP, ATL, 5/23/87
45.    Juan Ramirez, SP, SEA, 8/16/88
46.    Ben Revere, CF, MIN, 5/03/88
47.    John Whittleman, 3B, TEX, 2/11/87
48.    Max Sapp, C, HOU, 2/21/88
49.    Carlos Rivero, SS, CLE, 5/20/88
50.    Young Il-Jung, SP, LAA, 11/16/88

Honorable mentions:

Clayton Tanner, SP, SF, 12/05/87
Aaron Poreda, P, CHW, 10/10/86
Tony Butler, SP, SEA, 11/18/87
Chris Huseby, SP, CHC, 1/11/88
Balbino Fuenmayor, 3B, TOR, 11/26/89
Dan Cortes, P, KC, 3/04/87
Matt Sulentic, OF, OAK, 10/06/87
Chris Tillman, SP, SEA, 4/05/88
D'Arby Myers, OF, PHI, 12/09/88
Jason Place, OF, BOS, 5/8/88
Francisco Pena, C, NYM, 10/12/89

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