Eastern league visit

Got back from Philly/Reading a few days ago, caught three games, one vs Binghamton and two  vs Altoona. . .

My takes on some of the prospects that were there.

Mc Cutcheon-Wasn't wow'd by him, great speed, but at the plate skills weren't all that impressive.  A lot of people here knock Ellsbury b/c he doesn't have a dynamic bat, and I don't see that in Cutch either, solid leadoff hitter, but not a number three type guy for me.

Neil Walker--love his bat from the left side, reminds me of Ian stewart, loading his hands quite high, great bat speed, discipline and all that.  His glove will hold him back initially, very rough footwork.  Much more impressed with his offensive package than McCutcheon.

Stephen Pearce--I'm predicting a 4A type guy, but i could be wrong.  Kills mistakes, good bat speed, but just don't love his swing.

Yoslan Herrera--pitched at 86-88 with a nice curveball he was throwing at 70-74.  Don't think too much of him b/c of the fastball, command isn't good enough to throw 86 or so.  Time off could be reason for the lack of velo, if he can kick it up could be back of the rotation guy.

Carlos Carrasco--Struggled with his command, especially with his change up.  Got lucky, because he was jut promoted the day we got there.  Nice total package, he settled down, worked around 92-93, topped out at 94.  Not many hard hit balls off of him and it didn't look like he had his best stuff.  Grinded out five innings or so.

Fernando Martinez--Like him a lot, oozes tools and i think the power will come.  Plays above his age, uses whole field,did everything well.

Mike Costanzo--Will play for Philly, but won't be a star, made some very nice plays in the field.  Kind of a feast or famine guy, don't see a very high average coming from him.

Bobby Parnell-Good FB, back of the rotation type guy, which ain't that bad.  Mainly used the fastball.

Mike Carp--Wasn't all that impressed, pretty good stick, but reminded me of a lefty Chris Shelton.  Will have to watch his weight, not too athletic.

I liked this other kid on the phillies a bit,Greg Jacobs, don't have much info on him, but was like a lenny dykstra type with more pop.  A gamer that can do a little of everything.

here's some pics from the games (battery died, and left charger at home 3000 miles away)

(Yes, i know the pics are huge)

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