Kind of OT: Your Playing Day Memories

I made a long post in the Friendship in Baseball diary and it brought back ALOT of memories.
Some of the funniest moments and favorite personal accomplishments have come in this sport.

Baseball is such a historical sport. It's a sport that appreciates it's history and tradition. I am one of the many, many fans of this sport that has similar traits. I was the kind of kid who owned one amazing glove up until HS, and spent 2 hours picking out it's replacement.

But then theres the funny shit. The coach who was drunk by the 3rd inning from drinking ice tea. The MASSIVE kid who dominated simply because of his size  (I OWNED that kid). The fact that me AND my little sister were two of the top 5 players in the league at one point. The one kid with the golden arm...we had 3. The parents who taught us to trash talk, and even made an umpire sprint to his car after calling the last strike. The class wars you saw when we traveled to richer towns.

That was just Little League.

In HS NOOOOOOOOOOTHING beat our bus rides. This team may have sucked, but it didn't stop any bullshit from happening. Our token Asian kid randomly pulled out his porn one day and passing it up and down while telling us how it helps him out. The assistant coach from my sophomore and senior year was a football coach who happened to like baseball. He was a ginger that every single kid in a mostly black and Hispanic school adored. He was a little crude, but it was just hilarious. He challenged the track team by telling them he'd shave his balls and dye his hair blue if they won the next meet (they didn't). He'd talk shit to the entire team one minute (whoever has a bigger dick than me I'll give you 100 bucks right now), and the next he'd be giving us a serious lecture. Nobody knew how to handle the kid athletes in my town better. There was the time my coach followed the bus in his convertible only to have rain come out of nowhere. There was the beginning of my senior season where we scored a total of 0 runs for our first 5 games. There was the self deprecating humor that caused us to act like we won the WS when we did score that big first run. We scored 12 that game and played decently the whole rest of the season (5-6 after 0-5 start).

There were the games against rival HS that were just amazing...our 2-1 loss to a team nobody thought we would even contend against. I had 10 K's that game and their coach was flipping his shit. There was my 18 K + walk off HR game against one of our top rivals in my senior year. There was the day my coach sat me down and told me how great this team would be if everyone was half as good as me. There was the coaches that came up to me after games telling me I should be playing and attending a better school (I didn't attend my towns HS but they didn't know that) and that I had a D1 arm.

And then theres the sad things...the MASSIVE kid in LL is now like 100 pounds overweight. It's disgusting. We had 3 kids with arms that should have been playing in college, two of them (myself included) have had shoulder surgeries and the other went on to play football and get a scholarship from Maine to play DB. The kid I struck out to end the LL season when I was 8 years old has cancer. There was the fact that my towns HS could have been a powerhouse if they made the HS even somewhat desirable to parents who could afford to send their kids somewhere else.

I mean when you really think about it, LL and HS sports really teaches you a ton of things about life if you stop to think about it....and if not it gives you some of the most hilarious memories. And if you REALLY want to get into it...theres a ton of tragedy.

So what are some of the things you remember from your playing days?

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