Revised Top 10 List

Okay, a page or so of posts ago, I posted my preliminary top 10 list for discussion and advice.  I got alot of great feedback...thanks!!  This is in preparation for an upcoming ultra/minor league draft for fantasy baseball (AL only league).

After some research and discussion, I've revised it.  Below is the "old" list:

  1. Evan Longoria
  2. Beau Mills
  3. Carlos Gonzalez
  4. Justin Masterson
  5. Phil Hughes
  6. David Price
  7. James Simmons
  8. Aaron Poreda
  9. Rick Porcello
  10. Brandon Wood
Here is the revised list:
  1. Evan Longoria
  2. David Price
  3. Mike Moustakas
  4. Rick Porcello
  5. Beau Mills
  6. Jeff Clement
  7. James Simmons
  8. Brandon Wood
  9. Wladimir Balentien
  10. Carlos Gonzalez
Notable Additions:
Moustakas, Clement, and Balentien were all moved up from just outside the top 10.
Notable Subtractions:
Hughes got moved down.  Masterson and Poreda (two of the more over-rated guys from the previous list) were bumped just outside the top 10.
Notable Changes:
I moved Moustakas up, but hesitently.  I also am pretty nervous about moving Carlos Gonzalez down to 10.
Notable Missing:
Wieters, Wade Davis, Gio Gonzalez, and Jacob McGee.
As for the last 3, I just haven't seen what makes these 3 pitchers stand out from any of the other decent pitching prospects out there.  As for Wieters, I understand he's a great prospect...but is he really better than Jeff Clement?  Is he that much better than Hank Conger or JP Arencibia?

The difficulty with my new list is that I figure I'll have the 3rd and 4th pick.  I'm not sure who the first two guys will'll probably depend on the magazine they buy...but if I had to guess I would say Porcello and either Wieters, C. Gonzalez, or Price.  Longoria, Clement, Wood, Chamberlain, Buchholz, and Balentien are already taken and on other teams rosters.

I was hoping with the 3rd and 4th pick I could land Carlos Gonzalez and Beau Mills.  However, after all the additional research and comments, I'd now be looking at taking Price and Moustakas unless Price gets taken, then it would be Moustakas and Mills.

I'm not "as" concerned about whether or not I get Gonzalez, Moustakas, or Price...but I was really hoping to get Mills because I'm still pretty high on him.  There's no way Mills, Moustakas, Price, Gonzalez, etc.. will fall to the second round...even if I end up trading for an earlier pick in that round.

So...I guess I'll poll the experts again...

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