2006 Season Two Draft Review- First Round

I thought it might be interesting to check in on the progress of our 2006 draftees.  

Disclaimer:  Letter grades are just one fan's opinion.  They are based on performance only, not on future potential and are very subjective.

1.  KC:  Luke Hochevar, RHP.  AA: 3-6, 4.69, 94 IP, 26 BB, 94 K. AAA:  1-3, 5.12, 58 IP, 21 BB, 44 K.  
MLB:  0-1, 2.13, 12.2 IP, 4 BB, 5 K.  Grade B.  Modest performance at each level, but gets some credit for advancing to The Show, even if just for a cup of coffee.

  1.  Col:  Greg Reynolds, RHP.  AA:  4-1, 1.42, 50.2 IP, 9 BB, 35 K, GO/AO= 1.82.  Shut down with roatator cuff inflammation.  Had a "minor" surgical procedure and is expected to be ready for spring training.  Grade C+.  Great ERA, but relies on control/GB's.  Will this hold up at higher levels?  The injury is cause for concern too.  Aside:  #2 overall draft pick to the WS in 2 years?  Nice job Colorado!
  2.  TB:  Evan Longoria, 3B.  AA:  .307/.403/.528.  
AAA: .269/.398/.490.  Grade A-.  Could be ready to take over 3B for the D'Rays as early as the start of the season.  Should hold it for a long time.  Q:  Will the D'Rays draft Pedro Alvarez #1?
  1.  Pit:  Brad Lincoln, RHP.  DNP/TJ  Incomplete.  Would be an F except chances of coming back strong from TJ reasonably good.  Poor Bucs fans.  
  2.  Seattle:  Brandon Morrow, RHP.  MLB:  3-4, 4.12, 63.1 IP, 50 BB, 66 K.  Grade A-.  An awful lot of walks, but otherwise props for a successful MLB debut all the way from rookie ball!  Like the versatility here.  Can move to starter or closer.
  3.  Detroit:  Andrew Miller, LHP.  Minors(several stops):  3-4, 2.77, 78 IP, 25 BB, 61 K. GO/AO= 4.32!
MLB:  5-5, 5.63, 64 IP, 39 BB, 56 K, GO/AO=1.48.  Grade B.  Gets props for pitching, somewhat successfully, in the majors.  Still, his MLB debut has to be a bit of a disappointment.  Now, off to Florida!
  1.  LA:  Clayton Kershaw, LHP.  Low A:  7-5, 2.77, 97.1 IP, 50 BB, 134 K.  AA:  1-2, 3.65, 24.2 IP, 17 BB, 29 K.  Grade A-.  Too many walks, plenty of time to improve that.  K's show prodigious talent.  I have to say I'm PO'd at the Dodgers for habitually jumping their best prospects from low A to AA, so I don't get to see them in the Cal League.
  2.  Cincy:  Drew Stubbs, OF.  Low A:  .270/.364/.421, 12 HR, 23 SB, 15 CS.  Grade C.  A college draftee in low A ball should do better than this.  
  3.  Balt:  Bill Rowell, OF.  Low A:  .273/.335/.426, 9 HR.  Grade B-.  Not terrible for a HS draftee, but others in same class have done better.  I still like his upside, though.
  4.  SF:  Tim Lincecum, RHP.  AAA:  4-0, 0.29!, 31 IP, 11 BB, 46 K.  MLB:  7-5, 4.00, 146.1 IP, 65 BB, 150 K.  Grade A.  Room to sharpen command, but about as good as it gets for a first full season.
  5.  Ariz:  Max Scherzer, RHP.  High A:  2-0, 0.53, 17 IP, 2 BB, 30 K.  AA:  4-4, 3.91, 73.2, 40 BB, 76 K.  AFL:  1-1, 2.13, 12.2 IP, 5 BB, 18 K.  Grade B+.  Not sure how the D'Backs kept him from going to Oakland.  Probably has the highest ceiling of any D'Backs pitching prospect.
  6.  Texas:  Kasey Kiker, LHP.  Low A:  7-4, 2.90, 96.1 IP, 41 BB, 112 K's.  Grade B+.  Very nice looking numbers, a tick below Kershaw since Kershaw made a successful jump to AA.
  7.  Chi Cubs:  Tyler Colvin, OF.  High A:  .306/.336/.514.  AA:  .291/.313/.462.  Grade B.  Nate Schierholtz gets hammered for his poor plate discipline, why not Colvin?
  8.  Tor:  Travis Snider, OF.  Low A:  .313/.377/.525, 16 HR's.  AFL:  .316/.404/.541, 4 HR, 98 AB's.  Grade A.  Can you ask any more of a HS draftee in his first full season?
  9.  WA:  Chris Marrero, 3B/OF/1B?  Low A:  .293/.337/.545, 14 HR.  High A:  .259/.338/.431, 9 HR.  Grade A- Stumbled a bit after promotion, but still showed power.  Like this kid a lot.
  10.  Mil:  Jeremy Jeffress, RHP:  Low A:  9-5, 3.13, 86.1 IP, 44 BB, 95 K.  Grade B.  Really a fine season for a kid this raw.  Should the substance issues lower his grade?
  11.  SD:  Matt Antonelli, 2B.  HIgh A:  .314/.409/.499, 14 HR.  AA:  .294/.395/.476, 7 HR.  Grade A-.  Alderson and Fuson show how Moneyball is done!  Only caution is both Cal and Texas leagues are hitter's leagues.  I think this guy is going to be excellent at 2B for the Pads though.  Arrrgh!  I really like the way the Pads aren't shying away from power in a big ballpark.  They just figure they'll hit 'em farther than the visiting teams.
  12.  Phi:  Kyle Drabek, RHP.  low A:  5-1, 4.33, 54 IP, 23 BB, 46 K, GO/AO= 2.08.  Shut down for TJ surgery midseason. Grade C. Good chance of full recovery, but has to be a dissappointment for the Phils on top of makeup issues.
  13.  Fla:  Brett Sinkbell, RHP.  High A:  6-4, 3.42, 79 IP, 14 BB, 49 K, GO/AO= 2.22.  HWBL:  3-1, 1.64, 33.0 IP, 16 BB, 24 K, GO/AO= 2.50.  Grade B+?  This is a hard one.  Would like to see a college draftee move higher than High A already but Chamberlain and Kennedy used HWBL performances to propel them all the way to the majors last year.  Sinkbell must have a helluva sinker.
  14.  Min:  Chris Parmelee, OF.  Low A:  .239/.313/.414, 15 HR.  Grade C+.  Gets a plus for power and playing in a pitcher's league, but still a disappointment for Twins fans.
  15.  NYY:  Ian Kennedy, RHP.  Minors(several stops):  12-3, 1.91, 146.1 IP, 50 BB, 163 K.  MLB:  1-0, 1.89, 19 IP, 9 BB, 15 K.  Grade A.  Gotta give credit where it's due.  A surprisingly great season for a guy considered by many to have  low ceiling.  Can he help the Yanks rotation this spring?
  16.  WA:  Colton Willems, RHP.  SS:  3-2, 1.84, 58.2 IP, 26 BB, 31 K.  GO/AO= 1.84.  Grade C+.  Gets dinged for low K's and level of play.   Nats are taking it very slow with this youngster.
  17.  Hou:  Max Sapp, C.  Low A:  .241/.330/.333.  Grade D.  Is it too early to start thinking Sapp is a bust?
  18.  Atl:  Cody Johnson, OF.  SS(Appy):  .305/.374/.630! 17 HR.  Grade B.  Would be a A except for level of play.  Can the Braves work their magic on a kid who had bust written all over him?
  19.  LAA:  Hank Conger, C.  Low A:  .290/.336/.472, 11 HR's.  Grade B+.  Gets a break for being in a tough league and playing a premium position.  Gotta love the Hank for Prez video too.
  20.  LAD:  Bryan Morris, RHP.  DNP/TJ.  Incomplete.
  21.  Bos:  Jason Place, OF.  Low A:  .214/.298/.359, 12 HR.  Grade D+.  Gets a plus for showing some power, but that's an ugly BA.
  22.  Bos:  Daniel Bard, RHP.  Minors(several stops):  3-7, 7.08, 75 IP, 78 BB, 47 K.  HWBL:  0-0, 1.08, 16.2 IP, 15 BB, 15 K.  Grade D.  Ouch!  1/1 K/BB in the HWBL not too reassuring.  This draft seemed so promising for Boston at the time.
  23.  CWS:  Kyle McCulloch, RHP.  High A:  7-7, 3.64, 121 IP, 42 BB, 88 K, GO/AO= 2.45.  AA:  1-2, 6.41, 26.2 IP, 11 BB, 16 K, GO/AO= 2.14.  Grade C+.  Peripherals still look good in AA.  Low risk/low ceiling pick who is staying true to form.
  24.  StL:  Adam Ottavino, RHP.  High A:  12-8, 3.08, 143.1 IP, 63 BB, 128 K, GO/AO= 1.38.  Grade C+.  Another low risk/low ceiling pick who is on track.
That's round 1!  Overall, this was a pitching dominant draft that is turning out much better than many anticipated.

Flame away!!

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