Sidd's Top 50, annotated

All -

Here's the list I sent to Slurve, with my comments on a few selections.  I buried this down low earlier in another diary, but maybe we actually NEED more diaries about baseball in here.

Anyway, I think this is the sacrificial first list -  let's use it for target practice, and to help flesh out testers for the community poll, and to help form thoughts for JPahk's ranks.

Also to help my fanatasy draft, of course :)


1.    Bruce, Jay
2.    Longoria, Evan - Hi  floor, hi ceiling
3.    Buchholz, Clay - Great performance, clean health
4.    Rasmus, Colby - OBP plus Power
5.    Chamberlain, Joba - Health is only blip
6.    LaRoche, Andy - OBP plus Power
7.    Votto, Joey - MLB ready,
8.    McGee, Jacob - Only knock is low level, but 2+ years now of meeting the hype
9.    Maybin, Cameron - I wish he'd hit more ground balls
10.    Price, David - Wild card
11.    Cueto, Johnny - Reach?
12.    Bailey, Homer - Control keeps him from being higher
13.    Kershaw, Clayton - Great upside, low level
14.    Snider, Travis - I think this is about right
15.    Marrero, Chris - If he stays in OF, he is Snider twin
16.    Miller, Adam - Too much upside to drop further
17.    Gonzalez, Gio - Consistent excellence
18.    Davis, Wade - Same as Gio
19.    Morales, Franklin - Major control issues, hi ceiling
20.    LaPorta, Matt - Could shoot up this year
21.    Wieters, Matt - Best-hitting C prospect?
22.    Barton, Daric - Low ceiling, high floor
23.    Wood, Brandon - High ceiling, low floor
24.    Hu, Chin-Lung - Appears to have turned the corner
25.    Jennings, Desmond - Both skills and performance
26.    Headley, Chase - Could shoot up
27.    Antonelli, Matt - Appears to have turned th e corner
28.    Hurley, Eric - Not sexy, but MLB ready
29.    Patton, Troy - Not sexy but MLB ready
30.    Ellsbury, Jacoby - Should be higher
31.    Pearce, Steven - Serous power threat, hampered by position
32.    Porcello, Rick - Risk vs reward: I don't know where to put him
33.    Gomez, Carlos - Should probably be higher
34.    Kennedy,  Ian - I'm not a believer yet
35.    Brignac, Reid - His 2007 was not as bad as numbers indicate
36.    McCutcheon, Andrew - dropping.....
37.    Schafer, Jordan - rising.....
38.    Clement, Jeff - I'm not a full believer yet
39.    Moustakas, Mike - Too far down?  
40.    Lillibridge, Brent - MLB ready with great speed and OBP skills
41.    Jones, Brandon - MLB ready, hi floor lo ceiling
42.    Heyward, Jason - A HS draftee at 1B drops his status
43.    Gonzalez, Carlos - 2008 is pivotal
44.    Martinez, Fernando - Outgrowing the OF?
45.    Walker, Neil - Not sexy, but ready
46.    Balentien, Wladimir - If lower K rate is for real, could be much better than this
47.    Mills, Beau - 1B hampers his ranking
48.    Lofgren, Chuck - Numbers alone not exciting, but development room moves him up
49.    Tillman,Chris - Sleeper that keep cropping up
50.    Butler, Tony - Like Lofgren

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