Your Top Fifty Prospects Lists

Seems everyone is contributing to the community top 50, and that is great.  It seems like everyone pretty much has their own 50 guys in mind, and the format for the community list can leave out particular guys that we may be higher on than other people (which is really the beauty of doing your own list.  I figure I'd get the ball rollingand post mine, so you guys can bang on me for whatever reason.  Keep in mind though, if you criticize, then feel free to post your own.

As far as I go, I watch a lot of baseball, and go to quite a few Cal league games, and this is reflected in my list.  I will tend to go off of my own judgement from seeing a guy in person, rather than watching scouting film or statistical analysis.  

I am more of a "tools" guy than SABR guy, but I do use stats as a large part of my "analysis", but I don't get into the BP stats such as Vorp, Pecota and all that, typical box score stats are fine w/ me.  

So, here's my list, and some pics of a few of the guys that I took (another hobby).  This is based on LONG TERM VALUE, and the level the player is currently at has little, if any effect on where they are ranked (see Carlos Gonzalez ahead of Carlos Quentin).  Yes, I know i have left off some very good players, and I do have reason for that (IT'S MY LIST!!).  Some guys have been called up since I started compiling the list, so certain guys may/may not be on the list for that reason.

With all those caveats or whatever, here it is, with brief comments. . . .
1    Alex Gordon    Upside is as high as high or higher than the rest, but his chances or reaching his ceiling seem to be greater
2    Delmon Young    Silver medalist in the group of three guys (maybe four) that all could claim the top spot.  Only drawback is the makeup
3    Howie Kendrick    When will the hit machine get his chance?  He needs to play every day, not just against lefties.

4    Justin Upton    Upside is huge, and would/could claim top spot if he does what everyone thinks he should be doing in A ball.
5    Brandon Wood    Can't ignore the last year and a halfs numbers.  Are the strikeouts a byproduct of increased PD putting him in pitchers counts?
6    Stephen Drew    Complete package for a shortstop, offensive ceiling isn't as huge as #5's, but can hit like his brother
7    Billy Butler    Advanced approach at the plate will get him to KC soon, already better than most of the guys in KC now, defense improved, but still sloppy
8    Lastings Milledge    One of the most exciting guys in the minors, one more injury to Floyd could have him in LF to stay in late 06
9    Homer Bailey    Flashed some of the most electric stuff at the Futures Game, pretty much just throwing fastballs  (is he the top pitching prospect though?)
10    Andy Marte    Demonstrated raw power winning the AA HR contest. . . Should be in Cleveland sooner rather than later.
11    Philip Hughes    Some (mainly Yankee fans) may say he's the best pitching prospect.  Looked like was pressing and overthrowing at Futures.  Great stuff/makeup
12    Jose Tabata    Don't like low A guys this high usually, but this kid impresses in all facets of the game. . . Maybe most impressive of the Futures bunch.(surprisingly)
13    Ian Stewart    Not ready to give up on him just yet.  Was one of the top five in the Cal last year in a loaded crop.  Impresses more on the field than the stat sheet.
14    Carlos Gonzalez    Has all the tools in the shed, and the game seems easy for him, but maybe too easy.  Seems to go through the motions at times.
15    Carlos Quentin    Doesn't have the flash of some of the other top OF's, but steady and consistent Dback should be in AZ to stay shortly.
16    Jay Bruce    One of the bigger movers on the list, can bring a lot to the table.  Could be the next solid OF to be traded out of Cincy(?)
17    Troy Tulowitzki    Showed off his glove and range in Pittsburgh, should unleash the rest of his package in Colorado some time next year
18    Nick Adenhart    At the beginning of the season his upside rivaled that of Weaver's, He may have passed him despite Weaver's hot start in Anaheim. . Great poise on the hill too
19    Scott Elbert    Lefthanded version of Danny Cabrera?  Well, not quite that bad, expect walks numbers to decrease as he figures out nobody can hit him
20    Jason Hirsch    Similar mannerisms to SD giant Chris Young, but Hirsch brings an explosive fastball/slider combo, and developing change.
21    Andy Laroche    Fire Plug third basemen generates huge power from strong foundation at the plate.  If LA is in another division (and not in a race) he'd probably be there already
22    Yovanny Gallardo    The numbers from the past year and a half  are a lot more impressive than the way he looked in the Futures Game, where his stuff looked Normal
23    Chris Young    Hopefully AZ can develop some pitching (and it looks like they are), b/c their OF is loaded w/ talent.  This kids tools and talent are almost ready for the big time
24    Daric Barton    Whoever you wanna compare him too, everyone agrees he'll hit.  I believe the power will come too. . . Recent injury could be a concern
25    Matt Garza    Another great year for the former Bulldog. . . Twins rotation should be set for the next ten years
26    Humberto Sanchez    Aaron Neville lookalike had some of the dirtier stuff at the Futures.  Is probably ready now, but may end up traded.
27    Cameron Maybin    This is WAY too low,He should be around 14 or so, and I will move him when the guys at ESPN stop calling him Marvin
28    Joel Guzman    Dodgers gave him the Angels treatment, bringing him up to the show, switching positions and was basically a pinch hitter. .. Stock is dropping but has great tools
29    Hunter Pence    The most non respected OF in the minors? His Gabe Kapler esque swing keeps puttin up the big numbers
30    Josh Fields    Along with Jay Bruce, one of the bigger movers, nice breakout year for ChiSox but will he or Crede man the hot corner for the next few years
31    Jarrod Saltalamacchia    Probably wishes he could wipe the slate clean on this season, but is still probably the top catching prospect out there, this season is a fluke
32    Jeff Mathis    SEE ABOVE---is way better than he showed in Anaheim, and probably not as good as he's done in AAA, but is steady in all facets of the game
33    Adam Jones    Converted infielder may be rushed by promotion, but it looks like CF is his unless Sea brass handles him like the Angels handled their youngens
34    Jeff Clement    Maybe Daric Barton without the power concerns?  Maybe not an MLB catcher, but "have bat will travel"
35    Trevor Crowe    Big start in A ball has him passing up other Tribe OF's on depth charts
36    Jacoby Ellsbury    His development and quick rise will make it easier for the Sox to let Trot walk at the end of the year, but who will play RF?
37    Ryan Braun    Has been hitting in the public eye since he stepped on the field as a SS in Miami, Millwaukee is looking good for the next ten years
38    Ryan Shealy    Just trade him already!!!  Could be a Travis Hafner type with his big bat getting a chance as a late twenties basher
39    Joey Votto    Huge power from the left side and it looks like 1b is his as Hatteburg's name is ready to be erased from the starting lineup
40    Adam Loewen    Live armed Canadian Lefty hopes to flash back to WBC form in second stint in Baltimore.  Should be there to stay.
41    Jose Arredondo    Kid can bring it as hard as anyone, whether he stays an SP or goes to pen depneds on developing split, which looks more like a cutter
42    Andrew McCutcheon    Pitt fans may have to wait a few more years, but this toolsy kid will finally be the long term answer to the CF issues they are having
43    Reid Brignac    A Brandon Wood (lite) type of breakout in the Cal makes Upton's move to third an easier decision, should be next to Upton by 2008
44    Neil Walker    Huge upside for this guy, maybe a move from behind the dish will let us see what he can do for a full, healthy season
45    Evan Longoria    Hot pro debut.  If he continues his hot hitting, he will be a fast riser, through the charts, and through the system.
46    Dustin McGowan    An average start at the wrong time might have prevented him from joining Tor's rotation, has electric stuff if he can harness it
47    Kurt Suzuki    Former Fullerton backstop will bring his A's game to the table when Kendall's contract is off the books.
48    Felix Pie    All the tools you look for in a prospect, but needs to begin translating that to performance to avoid Corey Patterson comps (the bad ones)
49    Jake McGee    Live armed lefty is putting up huge K numbers along with high walks, but has huge upside.  Tampa is finally developing some arms!!
50    James Loney    Seems he gets knocked for lack of power more than Barton, but if you outhig Kendrick, you gotta fit on this list somewhere

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