Dream Matchup: 2006 A's vs. 1927 Yankees

After reading some of the comments regarding the American League this year, I figured that we shouldn't even bother playing the season and just hand the AL crown to the Oakland A's right now. They have the best pitching, best defense, and just about the best offense in baseball. They have absolutely no weaknesses. So, instead of just comparing them to today's top teams (where there is no comparison), I figured that matching them up against the 1927 Yankees was the only fair thing to do for them. I don't want to offend them by comparing them against just mere mortals like today's Yankees and Indians.

Offense, with no DH (Players are listed with BA/OBP/SLG/OPS+):

C: Pat Collins (275/407/418/116) vs. Jason Kendall (275/342/321/77)

Well, I hate to do it, but I think Collins wins here.

1B: Lou Gehrig (373/474/765/221) vs. Nick Swisher (236/322/446/100)

Geez, I thought this would be closer, but after further review, I think Gehrig gets a slight edge. However, he may be tired by the time the playoffs start because he never seems to miss a game, so Swisher's got a shot.

2B: Tony Lazzeri (309/383/482/126) vs. Mark Ellis (316/384/477/125)

Ellis wins in a walk over this future HOF. His defense is God-like.

3B: Joe Dugan (269/321/382/79) vs. Eric Chavez (269/329/466/106)


SS: Mark Koenig (285/320/382/84) vs. Bobby Crosby (276/346/356/109)


LF: Bob Meusel (337/393/510/136) vs. Jay Payton (269/302/451/95)

Payton plays great D, so it's closer than you'd think. Oh right, Meusel did, too.

CF: Earle Combs (356/414/511/142) vs. Mark Kotsay (280/325/421/95)

Kotsay was bothered by a back injury last year, otherwise he would have been right there with Combs. And, he is a better defensive CF than pretty much anyone we have ever seen.

RF: Babe Ruth (356/486/772/226) vs. Milton Bradley (290/350/484/121)

What's to say about Milton Bradley that hasn't already been said? Ruth would probably have some kind of gastrointestinal problem by the playoffs, so he's a major question mark to hit that Oakland pitching.

Starters (W-L/ERA/ERA+):

Waite Hoyt (22-7/2.63/146) vs. Rich Harden (10-5/2.53/177)

Can anyone hit Rich Harden?

Urban Shocker (18-6/2.84/136) vs. Barry Zito (14-13/3.86/116)

If any Yankee could hit that curveball, I'd be shocked. Zito in a walk.

Herb Pennock (19-8/3.00/128) vs. Dan Haren (14-12/3.73/120)

With Haren's rapid growth, forget about this one.

Dutch Ruether (13-6/3.38/114) vs. Joe Blanton (12-12/3.53/127)

Forget about the BABIP number for Blanton. His outrageous stuff will keep the Yanks off balance. And don't forget about that Oakland D keeping that BABIP down.

Closer (W-L-SV/ERA/ERA+):

Wilcy Moore (19-7-13/2.28/168) vs. Huston Street (5-1-23/1.72/261)

Well, why in the world would anyone pitch their closer 213 innings?!? Street easily here.


My guess is that Oakland, with their overwhelmingly dominant pitching, would easily take this series. Between Gehrig's fatigue (riding all of those trains sucks!) and Ruth not being able to get around on Harden's heat or touch Zito's curve, I can't see how they'd compete. I'd be shocked if it went 6.

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